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Know which gym is best for you in Lahore

Pakistan was not, in general, aware of gymnasiums in the early 2000s. However, recent nowadays there is an uprising in the people going to gyms. Its as if it has become a daily routine. This is good for everyone. People would be able to eat healthy stay motivated and prevent any diseases from incurring.

Now that there are numerous amounts of gyms opened in each district in Lahore. Here are some gyms that might be right for you.



First on our list in Shapes. Shapes have been in Pakistan for more than a decade.

It started out as a wellness club which it still is. But as time went by they perfected their individual services.

If you’re looking to spend a hefty amount of money then I would say go for Shapes. Shapes have one of the best machinery in the game. Moreover, they’ll give you premium facilities such as swimming, jacuzzi, sauna and much more.

Its membership is rather expensive but highly recommended for families.


With having over 3 branches in Lahore structures’ gym is really well equipped. I


went for a visit and was surprised by the wide variety of machinery there. Their branches are in 3 main districts in Lahore. So from a convenience point of view, you should be covered.

They continuously give promo deals to their customers. Furthermore, their membership and monthly fees are admittedly steep. Nevertheless, with the number of services that can be overlooked by some people.

Speaking of facilities they too have a jacuzzi and a small-sized sauna. A whole package

Oxygen Fitness

Located in Johar town, oxygen fitness is the best gym for students who are on a

Oxygen Fitness

tight budget. Although it may lack in equipment it makes up for it through its friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, they have the best trainers who are supportive and highly indulgent in your workouts. The equipment that they do have is well maintained. You’ll find something really unique over there, the level of cleanliness. I mean it is awesome.

While having some lack of space they have utilized it very well. With having a cross-fit training room there as well. Plus the gym is in the basement so don’t you worry things will be somewhat cool during load shedding

Aim Fit

Designed for people who would want to work out in a different manner.

Aim Fit

the main focus is to engage their clients in circuit training. The more traditional sort of working out.

So if you’re looking to get lean and want an athletic build Aim Fit may be the more fitting for you.


Right of the bat let me tell you this gym is quite pricy! Also located in Johar Town, I would rate it on a medium scale. Reasons, number one it is too crowded. Secondly, the placement of the machinery is too cramped up. It doesn’t leave


much room to breathe there.

However, they are well equipped and do have some nice trainers there.


Iron Box

iron box

This is an up and coming gym. They are what we call the best of both worlds. They a nice cross-fit/ circuit training studio as well as a good gym at its back. Operated by fitness enthusiasts, when you enter this gym you feel the adrenaline kick in.

Everyone is really competitive there which would motivate you to strive to your true potential. The gym has all the essentials to operate on a daily bases. They didn’t focus much on the state of the art equipment like shapes or structures but it more than enough.

So if you’re looking to burn fat as well as build muscle then this might be the gym for you. As for the reachability it is situated in Defense Y block. Which could be a problem for people who live in other districts. But for people there, it could be a plus point.



  • Note: These suggestions are exclusive of my own opinion and they may differ from person to person. I just highlighted the gyms that are best in my opinion. You’re welcome to give your input on this as well. 



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