Karachi Seasons

Karachi is located on the coast, so it has a relatively mild climate. It has two primary seasons; which are Summer & Winter, and very short spring and autumn. It also receives the monsoon rains from July till September.  Summer season persists for the longest period during the year. However, Karachi also receives the monsoon rains from July till September. The city enjoys a tropical climate surrounding warm winters and hot summers. The humidity levels remain high from March till November, while very low in winters as the wind direction in winter is toward North Easterly.

Karachi to Witness Its Coldest Day
credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_of_Karachi

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Pakistan Meteorological Depart (PMD)

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Depart (PMD), the westerly weather system that caused drizzle and unclear or cloudy weather in Karachi on Sunday has now moved to Balochistan, but a new cold snap, as witnessed on Monday, will last until January 22.

Met Office

According to the Met Office, the northwest winds pressure (also known as pressure gradient) is currently high in the region. Which may lead to long winters. However, the Met officially explained that the pressure gradient is currently present in the coastal area of Balochistan. These winds may bring down the mercury in the port city earlier than expected.

Met department Sardar Sarfaraz said;

The Siberian winds have penetrated the southern parts of the country and will get intense in coming days. These winds would gradually impact the upper and central parts of the country, currently experiencing a strong westerly wave, and push the temperature further down

The weather pattern developed by Siberian winds would likely continue until it is interrupted by another (stronger) westerly wave.

This perhaps won’t happen before Jan 24-25 as is indicated by one of the weather forecast models we have developed  – said Mr Sarfaraz

According to Safdar Sarfraz, a low-pressure area that had rapidly developed over Iran-Balochistan had temporarily sealed the cold wave and provided some comfort in the southern parts of the country on the 11th and 12th of this month.

Karachi to Witness Its Coldest Day
credit: https://pakistanweatherportal.com/

The department recorded 12 degrees Celsius and 22.5°C as the minimum and maximum temperatures in the metropolis on Monday. Humidity in the morning and evening was 77 percent and 32pc, respectively.

Siberian wind system

Different parts of Karachi received drizzles and light rain on Sunday night amid the Siberian wind system freezing the city. As per the PMD report, the new rain system will cause widespread rains across the country with downpour expected in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, upper and central Punjab, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and Kashmir on Monday and scatted rains in south Punjab and north-western Balochistan.
However, it is an expected snowfall in Kashmir. The new rain system has not only dropped the mercury across the country but has disrupted the flight schedule as well.

Karachi to Witness Its Coldest Day
credit: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk

New Record In Karachi

In Karachi, the chilly weather is setting a new record. It is possible that mercury will drop as low as 3 degrees Celsius. Leaving the citizens to shiver with cold. This will be Karachi’s lowest temperature in its over 70 years of recorded history. The lowest recorded temperature in Karachi was 3.3 degrees Celsius, on 11 February 1950.



Karachi to Witness Its Coldest Day
credit: https://www.brandsynario.com/

National Forecasting

National Forecasting Centre Director Zaheer Babar said on Wednesday that Skardu broke a 40-year record after reporting the lowest temperature, -20.7 degrees Celsius, during Dec 2019.

“Previously, the lowest temperature had fallen in Skardu was -17.2 degrees Celsius in 1961. In Dec 2018, the temperature was -13.6 degrees Celsius. -9 degrees Celsius in Dec 2017 and -10.2 degrees Celsius in Dec 2016.”


Overall Karachi is about to face the coldest day and will set the record. BE AWARE!!!





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