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Jazz is one of the famous mobile company in Pakistan. In Pakistan, it has been operating since 1994. Its former name as Mobilink. Warid and Jazz also merged their networks and currently, there are over 4 million users for Jazz in Pakistan. Jazz is better known for its packages among Pakistanis. In addition to this, the quality of the network is also quite better. There are very few chances for the drop of signals. In the coming section, we will look at different Jazz internet packages. In addition to this, we will also look for some special 2020 packages.

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Jazz Internet Packages

Just like other networks, the internet packages of Jazz is also divided into daily, weekly, and monthly. With each package, we will also describe its way to activate

Daily Internet Package

Here are some of the daily internet packages of Jazz

  • Daily social includes 500MB(Facebook&Whatsapp) in Rs.7. To subscribe this offer dial *114*5#.
  • Daily social Recursive includes 200MB(Facebook&Whatsapp) in Rs.5.98. To subscribe this offer dial *455#.
  • Daily Peak off-peak includes 100MB(24hour)+ 1.1 GB(2 AM – 2 PM) in just Rs.24. To subscribe this offer dial *117*4#.
  • Daily Browser includes 50MB of Data in just Rs.11.95. To subscribe this offer dial *117*11#.

Weekly Internet Packages

Here are some of the weekly internet packages by Jazz

  • Weekly social includes 5GB(IMO, Facebook & Whatsapp) in Rs.70. To subscribe this offer dial *660#.
  • Weekly Youtube Offer includes 5GB(Youtube) in Rs.80. To subscribe this offer dial *570#.
  • Weekly Premium includes 3GB in just Rs.147. To subscribe this offer dial *117*47#
  • Weekly Mega includes 7GB in just Rs.200. To subscribe this offer dial *159#.
  • Weekly Mega Plus includes 20GB(10Gb from 2 am- 2 pm) in just Rs.250. To subscribe this offer dial *453#.
  • Weekly Streamer includes 1GB in just Rs.95. To subscribe this offer dial *117*7#.

Monthly Internet Package

The following are some of the monthly internet packages provided by Jazz

  • Monthly Browser includes 4GB in just Rs.215. To subscribe this offer dial *117*77#.
  • Monthly Mega includes 8GB in just Rs.375. To subscribe this offer dial *117*31#.
  • Monthly Mega Plus includes 12GB now in just Rs.300. To subscribe this offer dial *117*77#.
  • Monthly Supreme includes 20GB in just Rs.444. To subscribe this offer dial *117*32#.

Jazz Call and Internet combo packages

Jazz also offers different calls and combo packages. In the combo packages, you can get Free MBs, Minutes, and SMS. There are a number of bundles available you can check them on the website. However, I am going to talk about MYOB or Make Your Own Bundle package. It is one of the best feature of Jazz. You can make your own bundle. You can select desires internet data, local and other networks call, and SMS. To avail of this offer, you simply dial *303#  from your Jazz number and select the required data plan.

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How to check data available

You can also check the available data in your account for the internet. To check the remaining MBs you simply have to add *2 at the front of your activation code. For example, the activation code is *117*7# you just need to add *2. To check the available data you need to dial *117*7*2#. In this way, you will get information about your remaining data.

How to Unsubscribe any service

To unsubscribe any internet service, you simply have to send an SMS. Type “Unsub” and send it to 6611.

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