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It’s ‘Game of Peace’ For China, Not PUBG

PUBG is an international hit that only China’s population makes 70 Million active players of PUBG. The huge market warmly welcomed Tencent but the Chinese government did not allow Tencent to earn on its title. Therefore, Tencent Holdings forcibly discontinue PUBG in the country but who said Tecent left the game? Tencent launched another game under the name ‘Game of Peace’ that is specially designed for the Chinese population. It is a substitute for PUBG and has a few changes in it. You will learn about this game in this article. So, keep calm and find more about it by scrolling down!


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It’s ‘Game of Peace’ For China, Not PUBG
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The launch of Game of Peace:

China has a huge market that attracts many investors from all over the globe. Tencent stepped forward in the Chinese market and get huge success with 29% of PUBG’s global downloads but it did not last long. The Chinese government denied Tencent permission to earn against the title and Tencent faced a loss of $180 Billion in market value. Tencent did not give up and aimed to come back in the Chinese market with another hit. Tencent came up with ‘Game of Peace’.

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What’s new in the ‘Game of Peace’?

There are a few changes in PUBG that make ‘Game of Peace’ slightly different. These changes include the absence of blood pools and bloodshed in the game which was common in PUBG. ‘Game of Peace’ is a peaceful game. In ‘Game of Peace’ there green light that monitors and hits. In addition to this, there is no killing of characters but the character sit up, wave goodbye and leave. The Chinese government does not allow show corpse, so the alterations are according to Chinese government terms. Apart from this, the government does not allow violent games but ‘Game of Peace’ is passed due to one reason. What is that reason?


It’s ‘Game of Peace’ For China, Not PUBG
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The reason is that ‘Game of Peace’ is “a tribute to the warriors who defend China’s air space”. It is a patriotic game. There is the Chinese Air Force logo in the game and the players get the feel of serving their homeland.


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Limitations for the game:

Tencent has activated its anti-addiction protocol while designing this game. The players need to be at least 16 years old. It further limits less than 18 years old to spend only two hours on the game per day.

According to some analysts, the game has the same background, graphic design, and the characters as of PUBG but there are a few changes that satisfy the Chinese government. What do think about these alterations? Should Tencent alter its gameplay for the states? Share your reviews with us!

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