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Internet as an advertising tool

Our contemporary world is changing at a fast pace. The world of technology is also evolving at the same speed. If we go back 20 years, we can see that there was little awareness among people. With the advancement in science and technology, awareness among people also enhanced. The Internet is a blessing for us from technology. It is the sole reason that we are currently aware of the current Corona pandemic. Similarly, the internet also helped us to enhance our businesses. Marketing is an old concept but if we combine it with new technology it becomes Internet Marketing. It has made our lives easier. Nowadays marketing is not that hectic task, as it was before. Today we are going to discuss the Internet as an advertising tool.

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Internet and Marketing

Under this heading, we will be discussing the Internet, its usage and marketing. 


In simple words, the internet is the interconnection of computers. The computer is a large electronic machine that processes the raw data into useful information. It is also the blessing of the internet that connects us remotely. We can take an example of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People are connected with each other with these websites. They share content, ideas, and skills with one another. Similarly the internet nowadays also used as a tool for marketing. As it connects different people. It is easy to spread the knowledge of your product.


In simple words, marketing is the technique to sell your product. It is all about satisfying the customer’s needs. In earlier times, the marketing was done through people. They travel to different places to advertise their product and business, to increase the sales and knowledge about their product. Marketing is a lengthy process and can be accomplished by billboards, pamphlets, and newspapers. Marketing and Advertisement are almost similar. Actually, marketing is a part of the advertisement.

The Connection between Internet and Marketing

Well, the question arises that how the internet can be used as a marketing tool. As mentioned earlier that Internet connects different people around the world. For marketing, we can advertise our product online. It will enhance our business and profit. There are three main goals of internet marketing. The first is generating new customers, the second is Increasing Profitability, and the third is Enhancing values of brand There are many techniques for internet marketing that will be discussed in the coming section.

Advantages of Internet Marketing and Online Advertising 

There are the following advantages of internet marketing in the current world.

  1. It provides easy and better access to the information of the product to the customers. The information might be provided through blogs or videos
  2. It is a cost-effective method for marketing. 
  3. Internet marketing provides an easy and better target audience. 
  4. This process of marketing is quite fast as compared to traditional marketing techniques\.
  5. It helps to attract a large number of people at a low cost.  

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Internet as an advertising tool

Well, in this section we will that how can we use the internet as a marketing tool

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that brings your page on the front page of a search engine like Google. In this process website and blog’s content is created on the base of the keywords. When the user searches that keyword, there will be more chance that he or she will reach to your page. This will ultimately increase the traffic on your page. Hence in this way your product is advertised.

Advertisement on Social Media

This is one of the best ways of advertising on the internet. You don’t need to struggle much for this. You just have to create a page of your business on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. After that, you have to create a post on them. You can simply boost that post as well. By doing this, that post will be visible on the pages of Facebook users. In this way, they can contact you as per their needs. This is one of the widely used methods for advertising.

Advertising on Blog

In this, the advertisement is done on the blog. Often in the middle of the blog, you see an advertisement for a product. You can simply relate this to SEO. As if the content of the blog is SEO friendly, then there will be more chances that the user will reach your page and ultimately to the advertised product as well. This process also includes storytelling and branded content.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best ways to let other people do your sales. Moreover, you don’t require any kind of overhead cost to start affiliate marketing. In this, you will be marking products to your website. In this way when the sale begins you will simply receive your commission. To make it short, you can simply earn your commission by selling someone else’s product.

Pay Per Click

It is a process to bring direct traffic to our website. In marketing traffic means money. The more traffic means the more will be your chance to make money online. In this method, you post an ad into your website and the advertiser will pay you when a customer clicks his ad.

E-mail Marketing

This is a relatively old way of marketing. In Email Marketing, the email is sent to a person which will contain the advertisement for the product. The targetted audience is usually the customer of that company or they might have subscribed to the newsletter for that company.

Video Advertisement

This type of advertisement is usually done on Youtube and TV channels. We often play a video on youtube and see an advertisement for the first few seconds. This is the best example of a video advertisement. Moreover, this can also be done on Facebook by simply posting a video of adding the advertisement in other videos.

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