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Imran Khan won the hearts of the People of America

PM Imran Khan America Tour

Imran Khan arrived in Washington on Saturday for his 3-day official working visit to the United States. During his US visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan held meetings with US President Donald Trump, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other high ranking officials and politicians. Prime Minister also held meetings with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation, president of the World Bank, US investors, and leading businessmen during his stay in the United States. He also addressed a big Pakistani community gathering at the Capitol One Arena in Washington.

Imran Khan won the hearts of the People of America
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20,000: “Largest gathering of Pakistani-Americans” as they welcome Imran Khan

On Sunday night in Washington’s large Capital One Arena was packed. This arena was not packed for basketball or a music concert. There are 20,000 people who came to listen to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was at this moment when on a cultural level, decades of mistrust and the United States (US) evaporated. An estimated 20,000 people, mostly Pakistani-Americans, gathered at the filled-to-the-rafters Capital One Arena in Washington DC. To meet Pakistani PM Imran Khan. The moment when PM Imran Khan arrived. A magical reception for a people’s leader. The countdown begins, on the arrival, the voice of the crowd. This is the stuff of dreams. The dreams of Naya Pakistan.

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Moral of his Speech:

In front of thousands of Pakistani-Americans on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said his vision for ‘Naya Pakistan’ is merit and equality for all citizens. Everyone is accountable and there will not be two separate laws for the rich and the poor. The moral of his speech said that there were two main reasons. A system of merit and accountability. Due to which democracy had succeeded as a governance system and left monarchy behind. The PM, a former international cricketer, received a rockstar’s welcome as he appeared before the massive crowd, along with some members of his Cabinet.

Imran Khan won the hearts of the People of America
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Imran Khan said that the current government’s vision was to turn the country into a welfare state on the pattern of Riyasat-i-Madina. He said that the principles of Riyasat-i-Madina were compassion, justice, rule of law, and looking after women, children and elderly. “I will not let you be embarrassed in front of Donald Trump.”

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Documentary of PM Imran’s journey shown to the audience during this event. His speech ended his address by vowing that “he would never let Pakistan bow down before anyone”.

Imran Khan won the hearts of the People of America
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You can disagree with his decisions, policies or you can critique the performance of his Government. But there is no doubt that Prime Minister Imran Khan is selected & elected by Pakistanis in Pakistan and around the world. His vision is straight forward or perfect. And our belief is that this tour will be happy for Pakistan. Pakistan will be successful more and more day by day.

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