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Improve safety and reduce anxiety during Coronavirus

The world is surrounded by fears of Coronavirus. It is a deadly transmittable disease that transfers from person to person. Although the death rate is not too much in most countries, the government has imposed lockdown and curfews to enhance safety. Most of the shops and businesses are currently not working. As the vaccine for this deadly disease has not yet discovered. It may take up to 6 months to make a vaccine for this disease. During the lockdown, a person may feel anxiety as you cannot go to shopping malls. You can’t play cricket or any game. Similarly, you can’t even go to your relatives. The only thing you must do is to stay home and stay safe. Well, in the coming section, we will be discussing how can you improve safety and reduce anxiety during Coronavirus.

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One of the worst things in this virus is that it transfers from person to person. If a single-family member is infected, he or she could infect others. So the government only had one solution to tackle this problem, which was a lock-down. To pass the time at home is not easy. You might get frustrated and your anxiety may increase. To reduce anxiety you can do the following things.

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Stay home

To stay home is the first and foremost thing you have to do to improve your safety and reduce anxiety during Coronavirus. All medical professionals recommend us to stay home during the outbreak of coronavirus. Moreover, in case if you are not feeling well or you may develop corona symptoms. It is also recommended by the doctors to say home in isolation. The more you stay home, the less will be the chance of getting intact with this virus. So keep yourself and your family safe.

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Clean Your hands

Clean your hands with the soap multiple times a day, especially before eating. If you had to go out, you should carry a hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands germ-free. You should also sanitize your hands whenever you meet someone. You should also take care of your personal hygiene. In addition to this, you can also tell your kids to clean their hands often.

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Maintain Social distance & avoid public gathering

You should maintain your social distance with others. Even if you have to go shopping, try to stay at least 5 feet away from other customers. In addition to this, you should also avoid gathering in the public. If anyone comes to your home try not to let them enter. You can apologize that person for not letting in as everyone knows the current situation.

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Don’t keep on looking at the news

Avoid looking at the news again and again. You will obviously get more tensed if you keep on watching the corona news and death toll. So, I guess once a day is enough. The more you listen more you will be frustrated and it will also increase your anxiety. It is better that you watch a movie of a TV serial to pass your time, then to watch the news.

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Take care of Children

This is the best time to take care of your children. You can also teach them different things that may help them in the future. Mothers can teach their girls regarding the management of household tasks. Moreover, you should also avoid watching the news in front of the children and don’t make them depress as well. Along with that, you should also teach the children how can they take care of personal hygiene.

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Increase relaxation techniques

If you are frustrated and depressed while sitting at the home. You should practice relaxation techniques like taking a deep breath, stretching out, and taking a warm bath. This will help to relax your mind and body. It is all about bringing out your inner peace.

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Chase your passion

If you have any kind of passion this is the right time to chase it. For example, if you are a music lover, you can listen as much as the music you can. Similarly, if you love to play the guitar, this is the best time that you can learn. To learn guitar you can read Learn to play guitar: A beginner’s Guide

Decrease Stress

You should also decrease your stress level if you are frustrated while sitting idle at home. You should do some exercise. Moreover, you should also sleep adequately. This will help to decrease your stress and you will live healthier.

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Do home-based exercise & Yoga

This is the best time to do home-based exercise and yoga. It will keep you physically and mentally fit. By doing physical exercises your immunity will also enhance. If you keep on eating and sitting idle at home, there might be a chance of increasing your cholesterol level. So it is compulsory for you to do proper exercise.

Maintain your routine

Maintaining a routine is difficult. However, this is the best time to train yourself to maintain the routine. If your routine is not well maintained, you will obviously feel lethargic and at the same time, you will get more anxious. Therefore, you should maintain your daily routine.

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Contact your loved ones through calls

While sitting idle at home. You can contact your loved ones. It will also decrease your frustration and will pass your precious time. Moreover, you will also be aware of other conditions and frustrations. At the same time, you would also come to know other techniques to calm yourself.

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