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Importance of 23rd March for Pakistan

Pakistan appeared on the World’s map as a democratic state on August 14, 1947, after a lot of struggle. 23rd March plays an important role in the formation of Pakistan. There is a lot of importance on 23rd March for Pakistan and Pakistanis as well. Pakistani celebrates this day with zeal and zest and calls it Pakistan resolution day or simply Pakistan day.


Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, a reformist, who introduced the concept of Two Nation Theory. This theory signifies that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations and can not live together. All India Muslim League and ultimately Pakistan is the outcome of the Two-Nation Theory. Moreover, after the election fo 1935 and the congress rule of 1937, Muslims of United India made up their mind that they should separate themselve from Hindus and must demand a separate homeland.

As the congress rule was totally unfavorable for Muslims. Furthermore, they initiated multiple schemes like Vidya Mandir Scheme, Urdu-Hindi Controversies, ban on slaughtering Cows and hindrance in Muslims prayer. The Britishers did not consult with Hindus for their entry in World War 2. Moreover, on 22 December 1939, the congress rule came to end as they all resigned from the central and provincial governments. Muslims of United India on that day celebrated the Day of Deliverance.

Annual Session of All India Muslim League and 23rd March 1940

Quaid-e-Azamgave his famous speech and clarifies the difference between the Muslims and the Hindus. They declared that Hindus and Muslims are totally separate nations and can’t live together. The demand for a separate homeland was formally presented in this resolution. In addition to this, the annual session was commenced at Minto park, which is now called Iqbal park or greater Iqbal Park.

The name Pakistan was first used by Ch. Rehmat Ali in Pakistan declaration which was a pamphlet name Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?. 

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Speech of Quaid-e-Azam on 23rd March

Quaid-e-Azam, the founding father of the nation, presented his speech on the day of Lahore Resolution. Moreover, now we will be enlisting the speeches he made.

In the aforementioned speech, Quaid-e-Azam wanted us to know that Hindus and the Muslims are two separate nations. Both of these nations have separate ideas, history, heroes, and episodes. Further, Quaid-e-Azam Told

The aforementioned speech signifies that both nations should be divided territorially. The north-western and eastern zone should form an independent state and must be made sovereign.


From the above-mentioned content, we can assert that the 23rd march plays an important role in the formation of Pakistan. It was the first and foremost step toward independence. Moreover, It was all the struggle of Quaid-e-Azam without him this would be impossible.


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