1. Cafeteria/Food Street

In the University of Central Punjab, There are a number of different food options available on campus you should visit the UCP cafeteria. There are two cafeterias for students, a food street and an executive lounge for faculty members in University. The cafeterias are air-conditioned. Cafeterias provide a good service for everyone. This cafe is decorated in the Vintage theme by using brown color in the main part, decorating various cups on the wall and providing many pictures and posters as well. The proper management team is available in the cafeteria which manages order takers and other services. When you go to the cafe there are various range of snacks and meal options that is always available for students throughout the day. Cafeterias are cleaned on a regular basis. UCP food street is situated inside the campus however, where students are served with various shakes and food.

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2. Library

When you will go to UCP try to visit its library because it provides full service on campus to serve the study and research needs of its students and faculty members. The library stock is over 40,000 books and 1800 research projects in print format. In addition, the High Education Commission has given our campus access to 12,000 online, 2350 reference books. Which includes a wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks. Furthermore, directories, Islamic collection for the peoples who want to get knowledge about Islam, University doesn’t only focus on the Technology but also teaches students ethics and about Islam and other tools that support research in all fields of study.


When you will visit the library you will see that the UCP library provides access to about 40 online scholarly databases to meet the needs of researches. Furthermore, it has a subscription to more than 40 print journals and 16 newspapers. However, When you will go to the multimedia section you will see that it has a collection of renowned documentaries, lectures, and educational films which is very helpful for the student

The library also offers to ask a librarian, content Alert, Electronic Document delivery, Anti Plagiarism, and citation Services.

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3. Auditorium

Another amazing site present inside the university is Auditorium. You should visit the University auditorium. University of Central Punjab auditorium acts as a nerve center for all activities and events that take place on the campus. The auditorium has an advanced lighting and sound system. The capacity of accommodating 400 people at a time.

It allows the University of Central Punjab to play host to a myriad of events such as conferences, speaker sessions, musical performances,  theatre plays as well as national TV show recordings. Built according to international standards.


4. Production House

UCP is famous for having production house in the university, there are less universities which have a production house in the university UCP is providing one of this service for there students Which is Housed in the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies the state-of-the-art production house. Similarly, equipped with new generation media production facilities.  It has invaluable infrastructure assets like HD Cameras, Professional vision mixer. In addition, Audio Switcher, iMac Editing Machine, studio lights, and grid.  Furthermore, It  has the capacity to produce

  • News Bulletins.
  • Current Affairs Shows.
  • Short Films etc.

This gives media students excellent motivation and also creates quiet entertainment in the university. You should must Visit there .


5. Takleeq

The University of Central Punjab dedicated not to produce only globally competitive professionals but also innovative job creators. Takhleeq Business incubator is the base of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities at UCP. Takleeq runs a world-class incubation program. It organizes the events and lectures on the entrepreneur of UCP.

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It provides a platform to determine entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to make their business ideas a reality. Takleeq is also involved in creating fertile ground for innovative entrepreneurs to UCP. Working alongside the Entrepreneurship Society, the student council and various faculties at UCP. Takleeq host the guest lectures, seminars and workshops.

Collaboration and networking is the key to any business in today’s world. Takleeq is a member of the prestigious frontiers incubator. This accelerates in the Asia Pacific region. However, collaboration results in start-up access and investors. After passing through the hard period Takleeq has gone on to create amazing products and services. Takleeq offers a full-time fellowship for students interest in joining the entrepreneur.




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