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How To Stay Hydrated In This Ramadan 2020.

Ramadan – A month of blessing. During Ramadan, all Muslim brothers and sisters fast from suhoor to iftar. Within this time duration, Muslims don’t drink and eat and this is when you realized the importance of water and food. Therefore, it is important to keep your body hydrated specially when you are living in a country with hot weather just like Pakistan. So, here is our mushwarah on how to stay hydrated in this Ramadan.

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How To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan:

To stay hydrated you have to avoid going out unnecessary. It will save you from the burning heat of the sun. Moreover, If you are not drinking enough water before fasting then along with dehydration you can also have some other serious health issues. So, let’s read more about how to stay hydrated in Ramadan.

1. Drink Water:

To stay hydrated you have to drink water. Because of fasting your body do not get enough water so start your Iftari with a date and half glass of water. After namaz-e-maghrib try to drink one to two glass of water. During tarawih, you can also drink water. In this way, you will drink enough water that is required by your body. Don’t try to drink 3 to 4 glass at a time, it will be of no use.

2. Avoid Sugary Drinks:

During Iftari avoid sugary Drinks as they will not give your body any benefit. Drink water or Lemonade. Lemon is a citrus fruit and it has many benefits so avoid drinking any other sugary Drinks and try lightweight drinks like Lemonade and coconut water.

3. Eat Watery fruits:

Eating Watery fruits during Iftar will also help your body to hydrate. Therefore, eat fruits like oranges and watermelon. Both fruits are beneficial for your body. Watermelon is a cooling agent and it removes all the risks related to heart and kidney. So, avoid eating oily stuff and eat healthy.

4. Drink Milk Shakes and Juice:

The other thing that you can do to make your body hydrated is to drink Milkshakes or Juice. You can choose between our list what kind of milkshake is best for you. You can also try Watermelon and Orange Juice. Avoid drinking artificially flavored juice. You can also drink Lassi during suhoor and it will also help your body to stay hydrated.

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5. Avoid Caffeine:

The last thing that you can do to keep your body hydrated is to avoid caffeine. Don’t drink coffee during suhoor or iftar. It will negatively affect your body. Avoiding coffee would be very difficult for coffee lovers but it’s the best solution. You can try green tea or simple tea after dinner instead of coffee.

This is how to stay hydrated in Ramadan. if you have any other recommendation comment below and don’t forget to follow us on YouTube as Mushawarah.pk

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