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How to Overcome Anxiety? Special Mashwarah to Admission and Job Seekers

There are many students who are waiting for their college/university admissions and graduated students are in search of the right jobs. It is a tough time for both types of seekers because this process needs struggle and with that struggle, there are several anxiety attacks. At every step, we think of ‘What If this happened?’ Our life is full of this word ‘What if?’ You just need to manage your anxiety to focus on your goal. Keep your ‘What if’ aside and find here the ways to overcome your anxiety.


How to Overcome Anxiety?

Your Marks Do Not Matter At All:

It is true, that your marks/CGPA does not matter but your skills do. How many people have recently asked your result of 1 Grade? Most probably, the people asked it when you cleared your 1 Grade but not now. How many people have asked you about your childhood favorite activities? It might be a larger number. That’s what I want you to know. Your marks will matter until getting into the next stage but it would not matter after that.


How to Overcome Anxiety?

Your marks of Matric/Intermediate will matter till you get admission in the college/University but after that, your CGPA will matter till you get your first job. After your first job, your performance will matter for your next job and the cycle continues. So, relax! You will be successful to get admission/the right job.


How to Overcome Anxiety?

Plan Yourself SMART Goals:

You might have heard of to set your future goal/ life goals and follow them. Here, you need to understand that your goals need to be SMART. Firstly, the goals should be specific and highlighting your aim. Secondly, it should be measurable so that you can measure your progress. Thirdly, it should be attainable because you know your caliber. So, design your goals according to it. Fourthly, the goals should be relevant to what you want to achieve. You will never set a goal to eat ice cream to become a doctor but have admission in the right college in the right degree on the right time. Lastly, your goals must be time-bound and expire after that time.

How to Overcome Anxiety?

For Example, getting admission this fall in UCP for BBA and getting a job as a business executive in the textile industry, within six months, etc.


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How to Overcome Anxiety?

Time Management:

Managing your time is one of the ‘never getting old’ skills. You can have it too by following our ‘Mashwarahs’. After planning your goals, you need to follow them. For the purpose, make a schedule with the tasks to do, days and time. This schedule will make a list of tasks for you and you will find it easy to complete that task because the schedule will be according to your working strength. After every task, check the box and move to the next one.

How to Overcome Anxiety?

Meanwhile, there will be many other responsibilities in your social life but you need to prioritize your routine responsibilities with these tasks. It is somehow challenging but you can overcome your anxiety by prioritizing and organizing your task according to the time.

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We hope our Mashwarah will help you to deal with your anxiety mini-attacks. Do share how you overcome your anxiety?

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