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How To Learn English In A Fun Way

The English language is now compulsory for everyone to start their international career. Having a good command of this language is beneficial in many ways. If you are good at English you will get a good job not only in Pakistan but also outside it. Each year many students give IELTS exam but only a few passed the exam. Don’t worry we are here to help you out. This is our mushwarah on how to learn English in a fun way.

How To Learn English:

English is just another language like Urdu. We understand and speak Urdu and Punjabi since our childhood How? just by listening and speaking. So the best way to learn English is to start speaking, listening and reading as much as possible. Let’s dive into the detail of how to learn English.

  1. Newspaper:

A newspaper is the number one source which is easily available in everyone’s house. If you don’t read the English newspaper then start reading it. There are many newspapers like The News International, Dawn, The Nation, Express Tribune and so on. Read one to two paragraph and you will learn a lot of new vocabulary. At the start, it will be difficult but if you are a person who loves to have knowledge of current affairs then this technique is best for you.

  1. Books:

Books are the second source of learning English. Books are specially for those who don’t like reading the newspaper. Start reading novels or self-help books and you will soon notice the improvement in your writing and reading skills. Reading is the best source for polishing your writing and reading skills. Books are also a source of information. So, by reading books you not only improve yourself in writing and reading but you can also learn new things.

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  1. Movies:

If you want to improve your speaking skills then listening is the best option. Watch English movies for this purpose. At the start, it will be difficult for you to understand what an actor is saying so it is better to watch English movies with subtitles. There are plenty of movies that you can watch, it can also be animated. For reading more about movie suggestion follow the link below.

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  1. Games:

Games are another source for improving your speaking and listening skills. Many youngsters love playing games and they are in fact also good in English. Play games and if you don’t know what kind of game to play then don’t worry we already find the solution for you. Follow the link below to find out our mushwarah on games.

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  1. Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practicing. Find one of your friends and talk in English. Don’t worry about your mistakes and avoid translating Urdu sentences into English in your mind. Just speak it without thinking. In this way soon you will have the confidence and you will master this language.


Install Dictionary:

Install Urdu to English or English to Urdu dictionary app that will help you to memorize and understand new words easily with pronunciation. Whenever you see a new word use a dictionary. Urdu Dictionary & Translator – Dict Box by EVOLLY.APP is a good app for this purpose.

Important Notice:

Before you get started, keep in mind nobody is perfect. Don’t judge yourself by the opinion of others. Keep up the hard work and after a few mistakes, you will gradually start improving.

This is how to learn English in a fun way. If you have any other recommendation do comment below and don’t forget to follow us on Youtube as Mushwarah.pk



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