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How to enjoy while maintaining social distance

Our world is in the hands of Coronavirus. It is a deadly disease that transmits from person to person. Until now the cure is unavailable. All medical professionals have guided us to maintain social distance and to stay home. In this way, we will be minimally exposed to the virus. The governments have also imposed lockdown and curfews so that people can stay home and combat this deadly disease. Staying home is a difficult thing, as you cannot pass your time easily. Today we are going to discuss, how to enjoy while maintaining social distance.

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Importance of Social Distance

Well, in Pakistan most of the people don’t accept this. They have an idea in their mind that God will protect them even if they don’t take certain measures. However, I would that God will protect us but he has also blessed us with the mind. We should rely on God along with taking certain measures as well. As mentioned earlier that there is no cure available. Scientists and medical professionals are working hard to develop the vaccine. Meanwhile, we are recommended to stay home and maintain a distance of almost 6 feet. This will keep us away from the infected persons and we will less likely to get exposure to the virus.

What is Social Distancing

Social distancing can also be defined as maintaining distance from other people. It usually means to stand at least 6 feet away from other people. However, we can also observe that if we stay at home, we still are maintaining social distance. The more we stay home, little will be a chance of viruses to attack us. Moreover, it is difficult to stay home all day. Psychologist says that a person may get depressed and bored while staying home for a long time. However, there is always a way to enjoy your free time.

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Enjoy while maintaining social distance

Here is what you can do to enjoy and to maintain social distance at the same time.

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Group Video Calls

Group video call is one of the best ways to pass your precious time and to get off from the boredom. You can do a group call with your friends and family and have fun with them.

Source: Digital Trends

Play online video games

Games are the best source to pass time. Technology offers you several games that you can play online. You can invite your friends and family members online and play the game. For instance, Ludo star is the best example of online gaming via mobile-phone. In addition to this, you can also play games via a gaming console.

Source: The Economist

Learn a Skill

This is the best time to learn a skill. If you are a computer graduate, you can flourish your skills accordingly. Similarly, you can also learn a skill to maintain your car. The internet will help you a lot to learn a new skill and to strengthen your old skills.

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Cleaning & disinfecting your place

You can also get out of the boredom while cleaning and disinfecting your house. You can use a disinfectant and clean your households. Cleaning your home will take your almost 2 to 3 hours, moreover, your body will also move and your health will improve as well.

Source: Webmd


Exercise is the best thing you should do to treat your boredom. It will also improve your health and will relax your mind. Although gyms are closed if you had a pair of dumble then its a good thing. On the other hand, if you don’t have you also search for exercises from the internet that don’t require dumble.

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Play games with your family members

To pass your precious time you can also play games with your family members and kids. Home-based games include card games, board games, and ludo. In this way, you can also spend time with your family.

Explore the world online

One of my favorite things is to explore the world online. You can take a virtual tour of the world from the internet and know about different facts. This will surely increase your knowledge and you will not get frustrated.

Watch movie series

The best thing to pass your time is to watch a movie series. Movie series is the list of different films based on the same personality or story. To watch a whole single series it may take your whole day. You must read the Best movie series you should never miss for movie series. 

Source: Business Times

Learn a language

To pass your time you can also learn different languages. It will help you in the future. If you are preparing for your CSS exams it is the best time to prepare for English paper. Moreover, you can also learn German and Chinese. Youtube is the best source for learning new languages

Cooking activities

For ladies cooking is the best activity. Some men also enjoy cooking at home. You can learn and try new things at home. This will make your family members happy and at the same time, your precious time will also pass easily.


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