Stagflation has made it difficult for Pakistanis to manage their expenses. An increase in taxes has decreased the purchasing power of the consumer and the producer is also suffering huge losses due to decreasing demand. However, with these variations in demand, Pakistanis can control their expenses. We have some ideas for you!


how to control your expenses

Limit the Use of Mobile Phone:

The mobile phone has become a need for the population or I should say it is deliberately made a need by the manufacturing companies. Smartphone brands are adding several features in the mobiles to facilitate users and make them addicted to it. It has made life easier but we should know that ease does not come free of cost. We pay a handsome amount while purchasing a new handset and later on, pay bills for the telecommunication services.

how to control your expenses

Other than this, now not only adults but children and teenagers also have their personal smartphones. Do they really need a smartphone? Find out here: Do Children Need A Mobile Phone?

how to control your expenses

We pay hundreds and even thousands for the services when we use a smartphone and now there are many calls, messages and internet packages that the users are convinced to avail them. We should ask ourselves, do we really need those unlimited packages that are wasting our time and money. So, save your money and time by limiting your mobile usage. Spend that time in a productive way that may benefit you or your community.


how to control your expenses



Spend Less on Restaurants:

It is trending to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at restaurants and before eating the meal, sharing the pictures on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram etc.

how to control your expenses


The world should know that where have you been and how did you spend your day. Does the world really care where have you been? There are some of your friends, relatives and family members on these accounts and believe me they scroll down your post after stalking for a while.

how to control your expenses

Therefore, do not waste your energy and money at restaurants. Your beloved government has imposed more GST on restaurants. Ultimately, it fits in your dining bill. If you want to control your expenses then limit your unnecessary restaurant expenses.

how to control your expenses

We have a Mashwarah for you!  Cook your food at home, it will be economical and safe to consume.

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how to control your expenses

Limit Your Travelling:

Petrol prices are already high that people now cannot afford travelling often. Even when petrol prices are high, consumers are not changing their travelling habits. Here, the consumer should know that limiting their travel will help them save some amount and besides it, it will benefit the environment too. The adverse impacts of climatic change in Pakistan are not a hidden fact.


how to control your expenses

Our Mashwarah for you is to walk to nearer destinations. It has health benefits and congratulations! You have saved some money too.

how to control your expenses

Apart from this, carpooling is a great option for school, college and university students. Furthermore, the office should arrange to pick and drop services for its staff members to reduce the load of travelling.

how to control your expenses

Moreover, we can travel by public transports which charge less. Here, you need to manage your time actively, to avoid any inconvenience.

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Use Energy Efficient Appliances:

Ditch your incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, CFL, and Halogen lamps. Switch to LED lights! These are efficient which means it takes less energy input to emit more light.

how to control your expenses

Now, the time has come to change all other appliances that take time to start and somehow lacks to work properly because these classic appliances consume more electricity. Therefore, use efficient appliances to save from the utility bills.


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