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How To Calculate GPA In Pakistan?

CGPA and GPA are the most common terms used in universities and they play an important role in a student’s life. So, if you are a university student and don’t know how to calculate GPA yet, then you come to the right place. GPA stands for Grade Point Average and it is a very common grading system in universities. GPA scales are different in different countries. In Pakistan, 4 GPA is considered highest but in foreign countries GPA 1 is considered highest. our mushwarah will be related to the Pakistani universities. so let’s start understanding how to calculate GPA.

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What is GPA?

Source: The College Monk

GPA aka Grade Point Average is calculated each semester as per your subjects. For example, if you are doing B.com (Hons.) from Punjab University then you have 8 Semester and in each semester you have to read 5 to 6 subjects. So, in this way GPA will be calculated subject wise every semester.  It not only shows your subject wise performance but also the semester wise performance.

What is CGPA:

Understanding CGPA is also easy.  CGPA stands for It is the average of all the grades obtained by a student in each semester. Therefore it is calculated after every semester. Just like GPA, its highest grade is also 4. So, if your Cumulative GPA is above 3 and near to 4 then your grades are good.  CGPA highlights the overall performance in the degree program.

How To Calculate GPA:

In Pakistan, for calculating GPA you must have to start step wise step. This is how to calculate GPA in Pakistan.

Step 1: Know The Criteria:

Before you start calculating your GPA. You must have to understand the criteria of scores. Every semester you have mids, finals and assignments. The weightage of each one is different. Some universities are more focused on assignments some are on finals. Normally it has the following criteria.

Sr. no.

Criteria Percentage


Mid-Term Examination


Quizzes, Assignments and Presentation


3. Final Examination



Step 2: Understand Your GPA Chart:

For calculating GPA  you first have to understand the GPA chart. Every university department has its own criteria. Some institutions like Hailey College of Commerce declared F to those who scored 2.4 in their master’s degree programs for maintaining the high quality of education.

Below is the most commonly used GPA chart in Pakistan but you cannot apply this to every university.

GPA Chart In Pakistan


Grade Percentage



90% – 100%



80% – 90%


B+ 75% – 80%



70% – 75%



65% – 70%



60% – 65%



55% – 60%



50% – 55%

0 F

Below 50%


Step 3: Calculate The Average:

Now the final step is to calculate the average of all the grades in the semester. So, if you have 6 subjects in a semester then calculate the average of all the 5 subjects and you will get the GPA.


Grades Grade Points

Course A

B+ 3.67

Course B



Course C

B 3
Course D C+


Course E C



Take the average of all the subject’s grade= (3.67+4+3+2.67+2) ÷= 3.06 GPA

What Is The GPA Formula | How To Calculate GPA?

For calculating your GPA you need to use the following formula:

GPA = (Sum of Subject’s Grade) ÷ (Number of Subjects)

How To Calculate Cumulative GPA:

The calculation of CGPA is also easy. Suppose you are doing B.com which means you have 8 semesters. Then the final CGPA will be the average of 7th-semester CGPA and 8th semester GPA. It is important to understand that CGPA is calculated after every semester and CGPA of the first semester will be the same as GPA. Let’s have a look at an example below to understand it.

Semester GPA CPGA
Semester 1 3.06 3.06
Semester 2 3.00 3.03
Semester 3 3.75 3.27
Semester 4 3.50 3.33
Semester 5 2.89 3.24
Semester 6 2.75 3.16
Semester 7 3.40 3.19
Semester 8 3.18 3.19


Final CGPA = (3.19 + 3.18) ÷ 2 = 3.19 CGPA

What Is The CGPA Formula?

For calculating your CGPA you need to use the following formula

CGPA = (CGPA of previous Semester + GPA of current semester) ÷ 2

Does GPA Matter?

It is the most asked question. Does GPA matter? The answer to this question is YES and NO. Because it entirely depends on the situation. For example, If you want any good job and scholarship in universities then yes GPA does matter. But if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and you want to start your own business then you don’t need a good GPA.

We hope that now you understand how to calculate GPA and CGPA in Pakistan. Do comment below your suggestions and don’t forget to follow us on YouTube as Mushwarah.pk

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How To Calculate GPA In Pakistan?

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