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How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?

Ramzan is a blessed month that comes once in a year but guides us the best way we should spend our whole year and ultimately our whole life. Two ‘Ashras’ of Ramzan have passed and there is one to go. After that, we get a day to celebrate- Eid-ul-Fitr. Nowadays, ‘Zombie people’ are spreading bizarre posts that Eid celebrations fade away with the time and only children enjoy this day. We need to stop this concept because Eid is to be celebrated and it is for all- for all ages. It’s us to change ourselves to fully enjoy the blessings of this wonderful day. Lahore is enriched with cultural heritage and Lahoris need to discover that culture that Eid. Let’s discover it!

How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?
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Spend Your Day With Your Closed Ones:

I have mentioned here the ‘Closed Ones’- your family and relatives. These two categories are far more prior than your friends, with whom you chitchat all the time. We get less time to spend with them and make some memorable memories with them. The students are busy with their school, college and university schedules, office goers are with their tough routine and housewives are busy to maintain a healthy balance for their family members. We should admit that we all are busy. With these busy schedules, we get a few hours to spend with our family but we prefer our smartphones over these close relations. Likewise, we neglect our relatives too. So, spend your this Eid-ul-Fitr with your real closed ones and celebrate the day that comes once a year.


How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?
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Ditch Your Sleep And Enjoy Cooking At Kitchen:

It’s becoming a trend that not only Lahoris but people of Pakistan spend their whole day sleeping. They give an argument that they are tired after the month of Ramzan. Yes! That’s a lame one.


How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?
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We need to get up early in the morning and help in the kitchen making your traditional foods (It’s for both-Males and Females). I recommend you to prepare food at your home to avoid unnecessary visits to the hospitals after consuming street foods. We need to rediscover the joy of preparing our traditional cuisines at our home and believe you me, you will cherish every second spent in the kitchen.



How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?
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Share Happiness With Others:

If you are waking up healthy in the morning at your secured home and you have something to eat and have Eid clothes then “Congratulations! You are among the few blessed ones”. There are many unhealthy, shelters less, hungry people in the streets. You do not even need to find one, they are already many. Share your Eidi with them and make their Eid a happy one.


How Lahoris Should Spend Their Eid?
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Did you remember cooking food and making desserts in the kitchen? Share that with these lovely people and find the true meaning of Eid.

In all these activities do not forget your Ramzan practices. Do remember HIM who blessed you with this Eid. Do share your reviews about it and keep visiting for more ‘Mashwarah’.


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