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How can you maintain your car

Car is one of the best modes of conveyance. It is very important to have a car in this century. Every family has at least one car, whereas, some of the families have multiple cars. To purchase a car is not that difficult, the real deal is about maintaining the car. Each and every car requires maintenance after some time. You might need to change the tires, or even tune your car accordingly. The maintenance cost of some cars are quite high, that’s why it is important to look at the maintenance cost before you purchase a car. Well in this article we will be telling you guys that how can you maintain your car. Here are some of the tips to maintain your car.

Clean your car

This is one of the most important parts. No one wants to drive a dirty and filthy car. If you are a regular user wash your car at least once a week. If you have time you can also wash it daily but it will cause rust with the passage of time. If you don’t want to use water to clean you can simply clean it with a piece of cloth, in this way all kinds of dust will be removed. Moreover, you should clean your front and back screen along with the windows on a daily basis. According to research, a dirty front screen is also the cause of the accident.

Change oil

Engine oil is one of the major components in the car. Without engine oil, you cant even start your car. So, you have to keep an eye on your engine oil. Every engine oil has certain potency. It is generally recommended by the mechanics in Pakistan to change the engine oil every 3000 km. If you don’t change the oil for a long time, there might be a chance that your car’s ring and piston will get the weaken. Moreover, if you keep on changing the engine oil regularly, the milage of your car will also increase. You must also check the quantity of oil on a daily basis.

Source: Car from Japan

Change filters

There are certain filters in every car like the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and AC filter. You have to check the condition of filters every 3000 km. Oil filters must be replaced every 3000 km, this will make your car smooth.


In addition to the oil filter, the fuel filter is usually located on the back near the fuel tank. You have to take a fuel pressure test before replacing the fuel filter. On average after about 8000km you have to change the fuel filter as well. It all depends upon the quality of fuel you use. The air filter is changed at the time of tuning which is usually 3000 km.

Check the smoothness

You have to check the smoothness of your car. If you don’t maintain your car timely, the smoothness and the milage will decrease. To bring back the smoothness you need to visit a mechanic, there might be some issue with your car that’s why it has lost the smoothness. This problem also sometimes solves by doing service from a service station.

Check AC cooling

You must check the cooling of your car’s AC. As in summers, there is a dire need for AC in the car. There are multiple ways to check the coolness of the AC. The first is by simply placing your hand in front of the AC. After that in the engine, there is a pipe that comes from the AC compressor, Simply check if it is cold then it means that your AC is working perfectly.

Source: Pakwheels

Replace Sparkplugs

Sparkplugs also have a certain lifetime. You will feel jerks while driving or accelerating. Sparkplugs are not much expensive. Roughly after 30,000 miles, you have to change your sparkplugs. If your car had a gasket issue, then you might need to change it earlier.

Source: Pakwheels

Check for leakage

It is one of the most important things to check. Sometimes, the seals of oil get too hot that the cracks are formed in it. After that, the oil will start to leak from your car. So it is compulsory for you to check the leakage. If the leakage persists, the quantity of oil may decrease and it is a disaster for the car.

Source: AutoGuru

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Check your tyres

The tyres for the car also need to be rotated and replaced after a certain time. If your car starts to puncture again and again, then it means that your tyres need to be replaced. Usually, in the case of front-wheel cars, back tires are shifted from back to front first and then they are replaced after some time. However, you can check the tyre from the lines grafted on it. You must also check the air pressure of your tyres.

Source: AA

Keep it covered

You should keep your car covered if you don’t use it daily. In this way, the paint of your car will also remain secure and you don’t need to clean again and again. In addition to this, the car will also not rust easily if you keep it covered.

Source: AA


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