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How can You Earn Money as A Student in Pakistan- Mashwarah

Pakistan is blessed to have youth with more than 60% of its population but still, it is facing an economic crisis just because not even half of this percentage is employed. The youth usually spend their time surfing the internet and planning get together with their friends. When they get graduated, there are few companies in the market who are willing to employ fresh graduates but at relatively less pay. So, what is the possible solution for that? Find out the solution by scrolling down!


Earn money as a student in Pakistan

Earning Money as A Student:

We all know that students have plenty of spare time apart from study schedules. What is our youth doing with that time? You know the answer, right?

It is the right time to plan your future and start earning as a student. It will benefit you in two ways; firstly, you will get the experience and secondly, you will generate a handsome salary for your own expenses. Is not that a great deal? If it is so, then let’s find out different ways of earning as a student.


Earn money as a student in Pakistan

  1. Drive and Earn:

You might have come across Uber and Careem ads that disclose the opportunity that you can provide your services for the company.

Earn money as a student in Pakistan

This opportunity is for the car and bike owners. I congratulate you if you are one of them. What are you waiting for? Download the app and register yourself with your vehicle.


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2. Make a YouTube Channel and Teach:

YouTube is one of the most used social sites. There are many channels that guide skills, software usage, and much more. If you are good at any subject, skill, or software, etc. then make a channel on YouTube.

Earn money as a student in Pakistan

After making the channel, upload the videos of your lecture. Here, you need to understand your target audience. If you are recording your lectures for Pakistani students then you may be bilingual but if you want to target the internal audience too, then record your lectures in English. English is the most known and spoken language in the world.


Earn money as a student in Pakistan
Earn money as a student in Pakistan

3. Freelancing:

There are a few freelancing sites i.e. Upwork, Freelancing and Fiverr. These sites are specially designed for the freelancers who are available for project-based or hourly based tasks. It is easy to make an account on these websites by following the criteria. You may find difficult to get your first project but once you get one, you definitely get a lot more too.


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More Ideas to Earn as A Student:

  1. Become a home tutor or join any evening academy and teach the students. Here, teach the subjects which you are best in.


Earn money as a student in Pakistan

2. Prepare an online platform i.e. Facebook, and Instagram, etc. to sell the products online. Make sure the quality of the product is good enough and the purchaser becomes your loyal customer.


Make a good social network to get to know about job opportunities. These social connections really help in career development and individual development too.  We wish you the best of luck and do share your experience of earning as a student in the comment section below.

3. Come up with some unique Ideas. What makes the difference between a good idea and a great idea?  is idea help people solve small problems in professional and daily routine, while Great ideas don’t come much usual and require more work and dedication to execute.


Without an idea, there is no execution. There is no testing. There are no results to verify or even cross verify.No one will ever invest in your idea So you have to make this at least a prototype to some extent to make it look really good in the real world.

There are many examples to learn and get lead for your Ideas. Stop just thinking and Start exploring now.


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