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How can Siri help you in iPhone

Siri is a type of virtual assistant speech recognition software by Apple inc for their devices. The main function of Siri is to serve you. It recognizes your voice and you just have to give it certain orders. There are a number of functions that Siri can perform. It can add a reminder for you, it can dial and send a message to others. Moreover, it can also type a message if you assist her. Although most of the people don’t use Siri much, however, it is fun and exciting to use it. If you had an iPhone I do recommend you try to use Siri. You will surely like it. Well, in the coming section, we will see how can Siri help you in iPhone. The following are some of the things that Siri can perform.

source: iOs Gadget Hacks

Dial a number

One of the best features of Siri is that you can dial a number. Just click the home button and ask her “Could you please dial a number for me?” and in response, Siri will ask you “who do you want to call?”. You can simply tell her the number or the name from your contact list and your call will be dialed. This feature is really helpful when you are driving a car.

Write and read a message

One of the best things that you can do with Siri is to ask her that write a message for you. Siri will ask you that “To whom should I send your message”. In the same way, you can ask Siri to read your messages and Siri will start reading your messages and conversations.

Shows your direction

So if you are lost somewhere don’t worry. You can simply ask Siri to tell your location and in return, Siri will show you your location. I think it is the best option as sometimes while finding a location we lost our way. In this way, Siri will be very helpful.

Searching things

Siri is also helpful in searching for things. While studying if you want to search something on the internet, just simply say it to Siri and in return, Siri will show you all of the google results for that specific keyword. This feature is also helpful while cooking or driving.

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Create Reminder

Siri may also help you to create a reminder for your meeting or an interview. You just need to tell the details and Siri will create that reminder for you.

Create Events

Sometimes we forget to add an event. In this, Siri may help you a lot. If you have an upcoming event. You can simply tell Siri to add it to the event section. The Siri will add it for you. In this way, you will never miss any event.

Tell you the weather

If you are feeling hot and wanted to know about the weather. Siri is your best companion. You can simply ask her about the weather and rain. In response, Siri will tell you all information about the weather. This is also one of the best and most used options in Siri.

Play a song from the playlist

You can also play a song through Siri. You just need to tell Siri to play a specific song from your playlist. If your playlist is empty you can ask Siri to play a song. She will play from the podcast.

Perform a calculations

Siri can also do calculations for you. If you are doing math homework and need a quick answer, just take the help of Siri. You can simply ask her to do calculation and Siri will tell you the answer.

Take Notes

Siri can also take notes on your behalf. You just need to say to Siri that take a note for me and after that Siri will ask you to go on. You have to tell the lines that you want to take notes and in response, your note will be stored on your iPhone.




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