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How can Lahore become more than just a food oriented city?

In Pakistan, it is very well known that Lahore is all about food. The only entertainment we have is food. Whether you’re from Lahore or not you’ll become foody once you leave. But sometimes it can be quiet repetitive.

Going out and always eating. What if you want to do something else for a change? It is answered by a typical answer, there’s not much to do in Lahore.

Well, I’m going to discuss some ways Lahore can get more exciting for all sorts of people.


Amusement Park

When you think of an amusement park Joy Land comes to your mind every time. However, let me tell you that place is a death trap! I really mean it. There have Roller Coasterbeen several deaths there due to unsafe rides.

As you know Pakistan is not keen on safety. That’s why safety features like airbags in cars are not prioritized here. Which is a damn shame! But that’s another debate.

If the proper amusement park is built in Lahore, it will attract numerous people from other cities as well. Building Pakistan’s first roller coaster in Lahore. It is indeed a flawless idea.

Every city has its own trademark in Pakistan. Islamabad with its Ferrari certified Go-karting track. Karachi with its beach and all the fun activities that come along with it. Therefore, this could be a trademark for Lahore.


Water Park

I know I’m giving a suggestion with lots of parks involved. But hear me out these all sound way too fun. From the water park, you could recall the Sozo Water park. Unfortunately, that place is crawling with parasites and full of diseases.

There is absolutely no check and balance. No proper water filtration plants to keep

Wave Pool
Wave Pool

the water clean.

So if a proper water park is build in Lahore it would no doubt become one the hit places here. Think of Oasis Club outside of Lahore. People have paid an insane amount of money for their membership. The unique thing about it is its “Wave Swimming pool”.

Just imagine building an international standard water park in Lahore. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that would be.


These are just two ideas that I have which could further make Lahore more exciting. Moreover, these ideas are a suggestion for improvement. Cause there are already these things, we just have to take them to the next level.

Taking in the view of the safety and health precautions in mind. Lahore will become immersed.


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