These pictures are of beautiful sites in Antikythera, Greek island. After looking at these pictures, do you want to go there? Let me stimulate your excitement level. What if I say that they will pay you £ 450 for three years for living there? Has your excitement level increased? Then find out more in this article and pack your bags to spend your whole life in that peaceful environment.


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Invitation from the Government of Antikythera:

The government of Antikythera has made an announcement that they are willing to pay     £ 450 every month for three years to the immigrants. This stipend will help the immigrants to adjust to the environment of a Greek island. So, how many of you are willing to accept that invitation? But, before packing your bags, get some details of that area from this article.


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There are several Greek islands which are a true example of tranquil place. One of those islands is Antikythera which is comparatively a small island. It is located in the midway of Crete and Peloponnese covering 24 square kilometers. The island is a small one so it will take you less time to get familiar to Whole Island.





According to Greek News, 40 years back, there were 300 people living on Antikythera but as time passed, the number of people decreased to 20-24 permanent residents. These numbers increased to 40 residents during the summer but most of the population is aged. Therefore, the government of Greek wants people to migrate to Antikythera.


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“We are looking for many families to ‘revive’ our island,” Andreas Harhalakis, President of the Antikythera.

Furthermore, they are looking for large families with young children. Moreover, they are in search of specific career professionals i.e. baker, fishermen, builder, and breeder. The foremost objective is to secure the daily income of immigrants.


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Some More Details:

Until now, we have learned that the island has a calm atmosphere with a limited population. Above all, they are welcoming the migrants and even paying you for being there but there are a few more details that will help you to make a better decision.

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  1. Antikythera is far from main cities, so people take fairy to reach the mainland. The winds make it difficult to reach the destination.
  2. There are cars in Antikythera but there is no gas station. Due to which, everybody owns a car and there is no taxi service on the island.
  3. There are other food resources but no proper grocery store.

Are you still ready to move there?

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