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Glaciers | How They Formed? | Their Importance |Glaciers in Pakistan

What are Glaciers?

Glaciers are the body of dense ice, which moves constantly under its own weight. Glaciers slowly deform and flow because of their weight. Above all, Glaciers keeps moving in slow motion. Movement of Glaciers creates Landforms. Forms on land and Glacier’s ice is thinner than ice on the water surface.

How Glaciers Formed?

Glacier formed on Surface when snow remains in same area year-around and new layer forms on it. Furthermore, Year by year it compresses the previous layer and forms a new layer on it. The compression forces snow and re-crystallize which form Glacier.

Glaciers | How They Formed? | Their Importance |Glaciers in Pakistan
Credit: http://mentalfloss.com/article/62638/16-cool-facts-about-glaciers

Importance of Glaciers:

The glacier is a great resource for freshwater. Most of the Glacier store water as ice in winters and release it later in summers as water. This source is very beneficial for plants, animals, and human beings.

As we all know the importance of water for more details

Why Glaciers are mostly BLUE?

A large amount of ice turns into blue it can be caused because of two reasons:

  • Firstly, Lack of Air Bubbles in Ice, which gives water-white colour.
  • Secondly, Water molecules can absorb other colours more efficiently.

Types of Glaciers:

The glacier can be classified by two things Thermal status and their shape, size, behaviour.

  1. Thermal Status:

Firstly, Thermal Glacier. These glaciers maintain their melting temperature throughout the year from the surface to base. Furthermore, its temperature is always below the freezing point.

  1. Size, Shape, and Behaviour:

Secondly, Following are types of Glacier:

  • Above all, Glacier who formed crests and slopes of the mountain are known as Alpine Glaciers.
  • Secondly, The glacier which fills the valley is called Valley Glacier.
  • Moreover, Glaciers which formed mountain range or volcano are known as Ice Cap or Ice Field.

Furthermore. Ice caps area is less than 50,000 km^2.

Credit: https://www.eenews.net

  • Secondly, Glaciers larger than IceCaps are called Ice Sheets or Continental Glaciers.

Above all, Antarctica and Greenland are mostly covered by Ice Sheets. They stored a large amount of water. Furthermore, it is said if these sheets melt Global Sea level will be increased by 70m with fresh water.

Melting Ice Sheets
Credit: https://www.scientificamerican.com

  • Furthermore, The portion which converts into the water from Ice sheets or Icecaps is known as Ice shelves.
  • Ice-sheet’s section which moves fast is called Ice Streams.

In Antarctica, many ice sheets directly fell in sea or ice streams.

Glaciers in Pakistan:

Above all, according to various studies, Pakistan has Glacier more than any other country outside the Polar region. Pakistan has more than 7,253 known glaciers.

Furthermore, Name of some Glacier are written below:

  • Abruzzi Glacier.
  • Batura Glacier.
  • Baltoro Glacier.
  • Bianchi Glacier.
  • Godwin-Austen Glacier.
  • Gondogoro Glacier.
  • Hainablak Glacier.
  • Hispar Glacier.
  • Hoper Glacier.
  • Hussaini Glacier.
  • Mar Glacier.
  • Panmure Glacier.
  • Rupai Glacier.
  • Rimo Glacier.
  • Sarpo Lago Glacier.
  • Shani Glacier.
  • Shandar Glacier.
  • Shireen Maidan Glacier.
  • Sim Glacier.
  • Siru Glacier.
  • Sokha Glacier.
  • South Barum Glacier.
  • Trashing Glacier.
  • Thalo Glasier.
  • Trango Glacier.
  • Udren Glacier.
  • Ultra Glacier.
  • Upper Khurdopin Glacier.
  • Vigne Glacier.
  • West Vigne Glacier.
  • Yazghill Glacier.
  • Yishkuk Glacier.
  • Zindikharam Glacier.

Now glaciers are melting because of rising Temperature for more detail visit Melting Glacier or Why Pakistan is in Danger?

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