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Girls! You can’t Miss this Latest Makeup Trends

…Top 9 Makeup Trends

For most women, makeup is an important tool in their everyday beauty arsenal. We use makeup to enhance or change the way we look, hide our imperfections, and feel more confident. So what are you waiting for? Here are some Top 9 Latest Makeup Trends which will light up your daily routine.

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Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is a fun way to coordinate your makeup with your outfits. Nowadays Monochromatic makeup is considered to be in Latest Makeup Trends. It’s a brilliantly simple approach to makeup. The technique involves using similar shades on the face in different ways. When creating a monochromatic makeup look, follow the rule “same, but different.” Explains Breuchard:

“It’s all about using the same tones and shades of color. And making sure that your eyes, cheeks, and lips all mimic each other in a beautiful way.”

monochromatic makeup
credit: pinterest.jp

The only rule is that you must apply a single color or colors that are within the same shade range to your eyes, lips, and cheeks to have Monochromatic Makeup.


Mac has made matching your eyeshadow and lipstick even easier.

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A Bronzed, Golden Glow

When it comes to makeup, it’s always a struggle to find the right products for women of color, especially when the makeup industry caters to a predominantly white population. Apart from finding the right nude lip color, or the perfect blush for your skin tone, finding the right shades of highlighters and bronzers is important for a flawless face


Contouring is used to accentuate your cheekbones, and highlighters will bring a gorgeous glow to your skin. When you apply foundation, correctors, concealers and all that jazz – you’re essentially creating the first base or layer to your makeup. After this base, your face is going to look extremely flat.

A bronzer will bring some color back into your beautiful face and will add the perfect amount of shadow to create a sculpted look.


  • The Golden works beautifully on anyone who’s medium to dark-skinned.
  • Gold shimmer softens the look.

Glossy Makeup

Remember applying that glossy lip gloss between classes in school? Glossy makeup is one of the hottest makeup trends. However, the glossy look has conquered the makeup world. The glossy makeup trend is all about appearing fresh, illuminated, and shiny, a look subtly exaggerating a healthy glowing finish. Glossy lids are super easy to achieve.


Makeup trend
credit: www.bebeautiful.in


  • Pick an eyeshadow shade and mix it with a sheer gloss to get the shiny eye makeup look.
  • To sport, the glossy eyelid look, apply any tone of shimmer eyeshadow and then add a thin layer of clear lip gloss or vaseline over it.
  • Apply a layer of hydrating lip balm, followed by your favorite lipstick and top it off with a generous layer of lip gloss.

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Strong Brows

People put a lot of time and effort into shaping and shadowing brows. Strong eyebrows well-defined eyebrows that are large. Strong eyebrows are associated with an analytical mind. However, they also Frame Your Face. People with Strong eyebrows always have everything in order.


Makeup trend
credit: Heart of the City


  • If you have short eyebrows, in order to make them strong use a toothbrush as a comb. Run some water over an old toothbrush, then shake most of the water off from eyebrows.
  • Use a black pencil to highlight your eyebrows in order to make them strong.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue eye shadows are great alone, but they are even better when combined to create beautiful rainbow eyes. However, the looks are fun and fairly easy to achieve with a little practice.

Makeup trends
credit: pinterest.com

You can create a rainbow look solely for experimentation or to celebrate a particularly colorful event.


To apply rainbow eye shadow, you should prime your eyes, add the eyeshadow, and complete the look with some added eye makeup

Colorful Mascara

Colored mascara is officially back. Take the trend even further by matching your liner or lipstick to your colorful mascara for a monochromatic effect. Once you’re ready to dive into the trend, some easy ways to try colored mascara include focusing your eye makeup only on swiping a bright purple or pink mascara on your top and bottom lashes.makeup trend

credit: beauty.useif.com


  • Nyx Color Mascara offers one of the widest shade ranges for colored mascara.
  • Brown mascara can work as a more natural look for people with fair hair and skin

Brightly Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted Lip Balms gives color to your lips more than a lip gloss but less than a lipstick. Its main purpose is to nourish the lips and keep them from patching or cracking in winters. However, they can be in solid or liquid form.

Makeup trend
credit: Brightly Tinted Lip Balms


  • The tinted lip balm is the perfect medium for a bold lip.
  • Baby Lips lip balms to give your lips a sheer pop of color.

Bold Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. We have that one black/ brown/ grey eyeliner that you know looks good. A Natural Liner Look complements any style, any day, anywhere. There is a different style to apply eyeliner according to your style.

Makeup trend
credit: Pinterest


You could go with the cat eyeliner and a red lip to a holiday party.

Pretty in Pink

Not all of us can pull off a bold red lip, but everyone looks pretty in pink. Bright pink blush gives skin the most youthful-looking flush. But pay attention to the details: “Matte pink is chalky, and hard to wear,” says makeup artist Linda Cantello.

Every girl would like to wear the pretty pink eye makeup for their everyday look. This not only enhances the beauty but gives an awesome fresh look.

Makeup trend
credit: 30Seconds


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