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Gifts ideas for birthdays

Gifts are something that increases the love between multiple people. Selecting the right gift for the right person is not an easy thing. You may need to take care of multiple things. The only thing that determines the gift is the relationship between two people. Gifts for friends are different, gifts for wife is different, and similarly, gift for parents are different. In the coming section, we will provide you guys with some gifts ideas for birthdays in Pakistan. We will further divide on the basis of relationships. We will give you guys ideas of gifts for wife, friends, parents, and relatives.

Gifts for Spouse

The relation between husband and wife is one of the best relations in the world. If both of them are understanding, they lead a beautiful life. Presenting gifts to each other strengthens the ties of relationships. If your wife or husband is angry with you, you must present her to him with a gift. I bet he or she will even forget the cause. Well, here are some of the ideas for gifts

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A Watch

Watch is considered one of the best gifts. For guys, it is a sign of dignity. Watches help them to enhance their personality. Some men like to wear expensive watches, whereas, some are okay with cheap watches. If your spouse is an expensive watch lover, then it will cost you above PKR 10,000. Moreover, if your spouse can manage to wear cheap watches, then it may cost you around 5000.  Similarly, some female also likes to wear watches.

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Guys are usually not much fond of dresses. However, ladies love to wear new clothes. So you can give your wife this gift. The cost depends upon the quality of the dress. It may cost you as low as 3000PKR or can even cost you more than 20,000PKR.

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Both ladies and gents love to wear perfume. It may include a body sprays or simple perfumes. The cost also depends upon the quality of perfumes. A simple perfume can range from PKR 500 to PKR 5000.

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There are different accessories for gents and ladies. Ladies’ accessories usually include jewelry, bags, bands, and glasses. On the other hand, gents accessories usually include Glasses, Belts, Purse, Shoes, Ties, and cufflinks. Some accessories are quite expensive, whereas, some are cheap.

Printed Mugs

These are not expensive gifts, but they are really lovely. It is basically a simple white cup on which there is a printed image. You can print the picture of your wedding on the Mug and present it to your spouse. This lovely gift will cost you around 1000PKR.

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Usually, ladies are fond of chocolates. You can pack different chocolates and present it to your loved ones. Similarly, nowadays you can also find a box within the boxes, that contain chocolates.

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Ladies are also fond of flowers. A little rose can make them very happy. You can purchase a bouquet of flowers and present her as a gift.

Candlelight dinner

Dinner will be a best gift for the spouse. It will although cost you a lot but this will be a rememberable memory of life.

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Gifts for Freinds

The way you present a gift to your spouse is different. The range of gifts are high among spouses. Whereas, the gifts among the friends are limited. However, presenting a gift to a friend strengthens the ties of friendships. Well, here are some of the gifts that you can give to your friends.

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Bodysprays and perfumes

Bodysprays and perfumes are the best gifts that you can give to your friend. Some people love to wear perfumes. Usually, guys give perfumes to their friends on the birthdays.

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Females also present clothes as a gift for the birthdays. Guys generally avoid giving clothes, as they are not aware of the sizes as girls are.

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Accessories are also a good thing to present for a gift. As mentioned earlier, accessories for gents and ladies are different. Ladies can present artificial jewelry. similarly, a guy can also present Glasses, CuffLinks, etc.

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Gifts for Parents

Parents are a blessing for kids. They sacrifice themselves for their kids. It is our duty to take care of them and also make them happy as much as we can. In case if any of your parents have a birthday, I would say that you should present them a gift. Here are some of the ideas of gifts for parents.

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Clothes can be given to your father or mother. Parents love to wear those clothes which their children present them. Therefore, I recommend you to present clothes on a birthday.

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Just like clothes, you can also present perfumes to your parents. If your budget is not that high you can simply purchase a perfume, it will surely cost you less. However, the worth of perfume is also quite more.

Source: Today show

A dinner

You can also take your parents to a beautiful dinner in some restaurant on their birthdays. If you can’t manage to take them to dinner, you can also cook at home.



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