As the Petrol prices are rising in the country,   two motorbike manufacturers from Sahiwal and Lahore have taken initiative to. manufacturer electric bike or e-bike. The company is located just outside of Bahria Town Rawalpindi. They will showcase three bikes. The E70, E100, and E125. The bike is named after the animal “Jaguar” and works on lithium-ion batteries.

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Bikes are the most popular among middle-class families but high petrol prices were making it difficult for them to afford it. The production of this bike will help a common man get rid of increasing oil and petrol prices. But the question is would this bike be able to survive? Do people really think of shifting to electronic bikes.? Is there some sunlight for them in the Pakistani market?

Lets us find out.

Points of Differences

We all know that In the last few years, various companies have introduced electric bikes in the country. But they could not win public attention because of different reasons. One of them was that they were very costly. According to the Usman Sheikh, CEO of Auj Technologies, The bike they are working on would be budget-friendly. Which is a sign that people can tend to buy it.

Environmental Friendly

Secondly, the traditional motorbikes running on fuels are not environment-friendly. With the increasing number of bikes on the road, our environment is affecting badly with air pollution and noise. We can relate it to the current smog situation in Lahore. But these Electric bikes would be environmentally friendly.

Future of Electric bikes in Pakistan?
Future of Electric bikes in Pakistan?


Thirdly. the maintenance of a typical bike needs a regular checkup with a mechanic to keep on running conditions such as tuning, filter and oil change. We can say this can cut a minimum of 500 PKR on monthly bases.

On one time charge, this bike can travel up to 70 km which costs almost nothing. Electricity cost for one charge: Rs 15 (1.7 units). (Varies from model to model). Chairman of MS Group, Chaudhry Zahid Chairman said, “If a normal (petrol bike) gives 50 km average, its monthly expenditure will be around Rs 4,000 but the cost of electric bike will be only Rs 500.”

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Factors to rethink

These electric bikes have the same shape and design as ordinary motorbikes, instead of petrol, they run on electric batteries installed in their tank. Well, most bike users are now looking for new designs and shapes. This design was introduced way back.

The battery of this bike takes about 5 to 8 hours of charge depending upon the model and runs up to 70 km. Students, employees with a 25 km far or more destination point would prefer this? Knowing upon the fact that they won’t have a facility to charge it there. They would have to charge the battery on a daily basis and they might not get time. What if someone gets back home late night and forget to charge the battery and have to leave early morning.

The company didn’t claim that the battery on a daily basis charge won’t result in decreasing the km travel.

The speed is another issue these bikes won’t provide the same speed as typical bikes. Most of us want to speed even we have to pay more. E70  model would cost about 88,000 PKR ( can vary) with a speed of 60 Km/hr. Whereas, China bikes can give 80 to 90 km/hr in 45,000 PKR.

Comment below what’s your priority and what issues you can face with an electric bike.

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