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Exotic foods in Lahore that you should never miss

Lahore is one of the largest and most populous cities in Pakistan. It is a house of over 11.13 million people.  Lahore is known for its food and culture. A famous line that goes something like this “Jinne Lahore Nahi Wekhya Jama E Nahi” which means who has not seen Lahore is not born yet. It is because from a long time the Lahore was a hub of culture and arts. Lahoris love to eat food. It is also among the hub of food. Well here are the Exotic foods in Lahore that you should never miss.

Halwa Puri from Sadiq Halwapuri

Lahori likes Halwa Puri as one to the best breakfast. Puri’s made by Sadiq Halwapuri are very delicious and are totally different in taste. You can find Sadiq Halwapur at Ferozepur road just after the cut of Tilinton Market. You should at least once in your life must try halwa puri from there.

Source: Trip Adviser

Sajji from Khalifa Balochi Sajji

Sajji is basically a Baluchi dish, they prepare it with mutton and beef. In Lahore, Chicken Saji is quite popular. One of the best places to eat Saji is from Khalifa Balochi Saji. This restaurant is located near Gari Shahu. You must dine in there as the experience and serving of the food is quite good.

Source: Wow reads

Falooda from Babaji Kulfi

Babaji Kulfi Walay is famous for its kulfi and floods. It is located in multiple places in Lahore. The most famous branch is of Muslim Town. If you ever visit there, do eat their Falooda

Source: Chalo.pk

Beef Khoya Tikka from Shafi Tikka Shop

Shafi Tikka Shop is one of the famous and the oldest tikka shop located in Saddar Bazar Lahore. You should try this one. If you eat this once you will surely eat it without Nan next time. As it is very tasty.

Source: Hugrist

Harissa by Amritsari Hareesa

Amritsari Hareesa is located at the famous Nisbat Road. You should eat this with nan and the dip of Ghee. The masala and spices are up to the mark. You will love to eat it with your family and friends.

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Karahi from Butt Karahi

Butt Karahi is one of the famous hotel located at Lakshmi Chowk. They serve one of the best Chicken Karahi in Lahore their famous one is the desi chicken karahi. You must try this as well. It provides a finger-licking taste to its customers.

Source: Foodiepackers

Nihari from Waris Nihari House

Nihari is actually Karachi cuisine. In Lahore the most famous hotel for Nihari is Waris Nihari house. It is in the most famous place called Anarkali. Moreover, they serve it with spice and gravy in a great manner. You should opt for this option with your family once.

Source: Dawn

Shami Burger from Rangeela Burger

It is located on the main Mall Road near Naqi Market. Shami Burger is eaten as a snack in Lahore. The best option is the Rangeela Burger. You should eat this as well.

Source: Tossdown

Dumba Karahi from Ilyas Dumba Karahi

Fan of mutton should eat this once. Dumba Karahi from Illyas Dumba Karahi is one of the best. It is located near Truck Adda. They serve on Charpai. One of the best thing in this karahi is that there is no smell in it.

Qeemay Walay Naan from Khan Baba Restaurant

Khan Baba is an old restaurant located near Chaburji. They serve a variety of food. Qeemay walay nan at there are among the best in Lahore. If you try once, you will surely eat them again and again.

Meethi Lassi from Jeda Lassi

Lassi is used as a drink in the breakfast. Jeda Lassi is located at Gumti Bazar. A single glass of this Lassi will fulfill your calories for a whole day. Do take care that doesn’t drink this Lassi if you are already full. You will surely throw up.

Source: Youtube

Taftan with Nihari from Haji Nihari

Located on Jail Road, Haji Nihari is one of the famous restaurants for Taftan and Nihari. The mixture of sweet Taftan with the spicy Nihari doubles the taste. You should try it once in your life.

Source: Facebook

 Halwa Puri from Taj Mahal

Taj Mehal Halwa puri is located near Taxali Gate in Walled City. On Sunday’s you will not even get a chance to sit there and eat. However, still, you can use the option of takeaway. I recommend if you are a fan of Halwa Puri than this is your choice.

Source: Youtube

Seekh Kebab from Saeen Kebab

Saeen Kabab is also located in Walled City near Mochi Gate. They serve one of the best Seekh Kabab in Lahore. If you want to try then this is the Exotic food you should never miss.

Source: Hungerist

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Haleem from Kozi Haleem

Kozi Haleem is located at Regal Chowk. Haleem at this location is economical and best in taste. Especially when you sprinkle additives on it. Therefore, for Haleem Lovers this is the best spot.

Source: Youtube

Daal Chaawal from Kashmiri Daal Chaawal

Kashmiri Daal Chaawal is located at the famous Lakshmi Chowk. This person started from a small Theela and now it is one of the tastiest Dal Chawal in Lahore.

Source: DAWN


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