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Evergreen businesses in Pakistan

Business is an activity in which a person makes money by selling products or services. There is a number of benefits of business over a job. A job is a way of making money in which a person works or manages the business of another person.  In return, he gets the salary. A job may be temporary whereas, business is permanent. You struggle in business there might be a possibility that you don’t earn much but your offsprings will surely earn a lot. It is often said the job is for your current life, whereas, business is for the future. So, today we are going to look at some of the evergreen businesses in Pakistan.

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It is really tuff to settle business in Pakistan, there are a lot of rules and regulations that one need to be followed. Some businesses like Air condition repair are seasonal, whereas, some businesses are evergreen. So here are the evergreen businesses in Pakistan

Evergreen Businesses in Pakistan

The following are some of the evergreen businesses Pakistan in which there is a minimum chance of loss.

Grocery Store

The grocery store or the supermarket business is one of the best businesses in Pakistan. This is a business in which a person sells the basic necessities of life. You may get raw material to cook food. Similarly, from some stores, you can also get clothes. Although you do require a huge amount of investment. In addition to this, the overall profit ratio is quite low. Although you can increase your sales easily by adding a discount on the receipts. The more will be the more will be the profit. This Kind of business remains evergreen.


Medicines are also a basic necessity of life. People fell ill and go to the doctor after that doctor recommends them multiple medicines that they had to take two to three times a day. Well, profit-wise you can earn up to 40% of the profit from the sale. Moreover, this business is also an evergreen business, as the world will not stop using the medicines. If you own some money I would recommend you to invest in this business.


Import-Export is related to imported products. The businessmen from this business order the goods from other countries and after that repack it with minor changes to sell it in the market. Similarly, some Pakistani products like rice and fruits are also exported to other countries.

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Electronics store is a type of store in which all kinds of electronics products are available. They may include a wide range of products like TV, A/C, Refrigerators, etc. People do purchase these things a lot. Moreover, the profit ratio is also quite good. You can make good money from this business. It is also a sort of evergreen business in Pakistan

Wholesale spare parts

Wholesale for the spare parts is also a good business to do. I personally know many people that became billionaire just by doing this business. The investment in this business is also quite high, as there are a number of spare parts and each car has separate spare parts. The profit ratio is not soo high in wholesale but in retail its quite high. In wholesale business your product will be sold in bundles, no doubt the profit will be less in wholesale but you can generate better profit by giving certain discounts and quality products.

Products are pictured at an AutoZone store in Temple City, California December 10, 2013. AutoZone Inc, the largest U.S. auto parts retailer, reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit as it focuses on its fast-growing business that sells to auto repair chains to offset weakness in its main do-it-yourself market. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS) – RTX16D0C

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Car Dealership

The sale and purchase of cars is also a good business in Pakistan. Although it is compulsory to have the knowledge of cars and you must know the problems associated with each car. People even start this business from a single car. They purchase a car and repair them accordingly after when they find a good price, they sell the car. On average, a car dealer makes  40 to 50 thousand of commission from a single car. If you are a student and have some money you should try this business.

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Education business

Education is one of the best businesses in Pakistan. It ranges from a small tuition center to the university. The investment is quite high for higher education, but for tuition centers, it’s not that high. All you need is teachers and students and you will start earning a good amount of money. We can also see that private universities in Pakistan are generating huge revenues. It is an evergreen business because the student has to pay during the summers vacations as well.

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