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Essays you must prepare for CSS and PMS

Here are the Essay for CSS and PMS you must prepare

CSS and PMS are the competitive exams held in Pakistan. The federal government like FPSC conducts CSS and Provincial governments like PPSC, KPSC, SPSC, and BPSC conducts PMS. Both of these exams contain compulsory and optional subjects. English is compulsory in both of these exams and is divided into two separate papers which are English Precis & Composition and English Essay. In the coming section we will be discussing the Essays you must prepare for CSS and PMS

Recently the awareness among people has increased. We can see that in the CSS 2020 examinations, the number of candidates has increased to almost 40,000 and the number of seats in the same which is around 300. English is one of the most difficult subjects to prepare as the candidate needs to study multiple topics to solve the essay paper.

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Essay for CSS and PMS: Topics You Must Prepare

These are the topics you must prepare for your CSS and PMS essay exams

Current Affairs

There is a separate paper for Current Affairs in CSS and PMS, however, it may help you a lot in your English essay paper. Let us take an example from a recent paper, There as an essay “Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy”. In this essay, the candidate needs to define the global powers and the shift in global power. In addition to this, a candidate also needs to write its effect on the foreign policy of Pakistan.

For current affairs, you must consult Jahangir’s World times Magzine. There are a lot of topics in that magazine and it will surely help you out.

Kashmir Issue

Kashmir’s issue is the heart of Pakistan’s foreign policy. You have to study the problems related to Kashmir and its stance from Pakistan’s side and Indian side. The history must be on your fingertips, in addition to this, you must be able to provide possible solutions for this issue.

Topics related to Optimism or being optimistic

Few topics like ‘when you have a lemon, make a lemonade’ and ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’ seem very difficult but in reality, these are the easiest topic. With just a few examples and case studies you can easily write the essay. You can write examples of Nelson Mandella, Abraham Lincoln, and Prophet Muhammad SAW along with the case studies of countries.

Prepare United Nation thoroughly

United Nations is actually a dry topic but it is compulsory for the candidates to thoroughly study it. The candidate must be aware of the organs of the united nation. Moreover, the candidate must be able to write it with respect to Pakistan.

Water & Energy Crisis and it’s way forward

Water and energy crisis is considered an old topic, however, the data from these topics can be quoted in other topics like ‘Pakistan’s informal economy: the way forward.’ which came in CSS 2020. Therefore, the candidate must have complete statistics for the water and energy of Pakistan.


Education can also be quoted in different topics. However, the candidate must be fully aware of the Pakistan education system. Candidate can compare it with the education system of other countries like Norwegian countries.

Essay for CSS and PMS: Conclusion

Well preparing for English Essay is really difficult you need to study multiple books and even you need to watch many documentaries. In the end, the struggle is the key to success. You must prepare the aforementioned topics this will certainly help you in other articles and essays as well. You can use the statistics and examples from these topics and can quote them in any other relevant essay.


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Essays you must prepare for CSS and PMS

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