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E-learning during lock-down

Coronavirus is a deadly disease. It has engulfed more than 200 countries globally. There is partial to complete lockdown in whole world. All businesses, Schools, Colleges, shops, and offices are currently shutdown. The economy is going towards the negative side of the graph. Students are the assets of the country. However, they and their studies are severely disturbed because of Coronavirus. In this difficult time, our government introduced the concept of E-learning, so that at least student can have their classes while at home. In the coming section, we will see the advantages and drawbacks of e-learning. At the same time, we will also discuss the importance of e-learning during the lock-down in Pakistan.

What is E-learning

E-learning is a system of learning or taking education online. It is a good mode for learning skills. Foreign universities are offering this to their international students for a long period of time. However, this concept has not gained much strengthen in Pakistan. This was the first time introduced by the government during the recent lockdown. There are a lot of pros and cons of e-learning.

Pros & Cons of E-learning

Just like everything, e-learning also has certain advantages and disadvantages. E-learning is helpful during the current lock-down. We will discuss each of them in detail.

Advantages of e-learning

The following are some of the advantages of e-learning.

  1. It will cost you much less, as you don’t need to go to university. There will be a huge breakdown of your expenses.
  2. Studying online provides you flexibility. You can do your daily tasks along with studying.
  3. Learning online helps you to learn in a comfortable environment. You don’t need to get ready and wear casual dress. You can simply take a class in Pajamas.
  4. There is a better chance to concentrate on your studies during online lectures, as in classes students are often indulged in other activities.
  5. It provides a better option for interaction. I mean to say you can ask any question from your professor without hesitation, as you just need to message your teacher.
  6. Studying online will also help you to advance your career. You can do your job and study at the same time.
  7. During thunderstorms or rain, you don’t need to miss the class. You can easily attend your class online.

Source: 360 E-learning

Disadvantages of e-learning

As in the previous section, I told you about the advantages of e-learning. In this part, we will learn about the disadvantages. The following are some of the disadvantages of e-learning.

  1. The feedback of the student is limited. The institute or the teacher will be unable to get the proper feedback from their students. So there will be little room for improvement.
  2. It may cause social isolation. As the students will least interact with each other. Therefore, there will little chance for them to meet.
  3. There is a lack of self-discipline. Moreover, the student will have little sense of classroom etiquette.
  4. There will be little self-motivation for the students and it will be difficult for him to manage the Time.
  5. To keep the check on cheating, it is really difficult for the teachers. As they are unable to see the students.
  6. E-learning required literacy.
  7. There is little or no face to face interaction with the teacher.
  8. The internet plays an important role. Breakdown in the internet may affect the studies.

Source: 123RF.com

E-learning in Pakistan

As mentioned earlier that there a complete lockdown in the cities. Universities in Pakistan have adopted e-learning methodologies to teach the students. Although there are many drawbacks and hurdles in this way currently there is no other solution. The students have already paid tuition fees. Although, the concept of e-learning was already there. Virtual University is one of the best examples of e-learning in Pakistan. They taught their students via Youtube channels, TV Channels and even through online lectures. Therefore, E-learning during lock-down is really helpful for the students.

Source: CoreAxis

In the current difficult situation and during quarantine, e-learning is the best solution that different institutes have to teach their students. Struggle in current day will surely help us in the future.

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Future of E-learning in Pakistan

In the near future, we will witness a lot of innovation in teaching methodologies. The majority of the students may take online lectures. In addition to this, we can also see that the government is also launching its own service for e-learning for the students. Programs will launch on the television from where the students will be able to learn different things. So we will see the bright future of E-learning in Pakistan.

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