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‘Stop Overdosing’: Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah tells his story of Surviving from Covid 19

Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah, a 64+year old orthopedic doctor, who runs a well-known private clinic in Blue-Area Islamabad, shares his experience of mistreatment of the coronavirus.

He got his corona vaccination on 6th March 2021. And on the same night, the Doctor started to feel pain and aches in the whole body with loose motions as well. He suspected that he might have contracted the virus even before getting the vaccination, So he immediately went for the Corona test and found that he is corona positive. It is worth mentioning here that he was also a sugar patient for a long time.

He started to take some antibiotics & multivitamins and isolated himself in his house. He begins to feel well within few days and he totally got rid of the virus. But sugar levels remain out of control. Sometimes it was too high from the normal range and sometimes even below the normal range. “Sugar level affected my thinking & decision-making capacity” Dr. Altaf.

Continuous rise & fall in sugar levels were supposed to be post corona symptoms caused by coronavirus as it weakens the immune system magnifies already existed symptoms/diseases.

”My Corona test was negative within a week”

Someone suggested Altaf Hussain Shah to visit Doctor Shazli Manzoor, as he is becoming popular among patients who contracted the coronavirus. Upon visit, Doctor Shazli Manzoor suggested HRCT, X-ray (Chest), blood tests, and started a very Hi dose of Antiviral and Antibacterial medicines such as Remdesvir & Steroids for 5 days. “These are routine prescriptions for someone with Covid-19”, said Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah while telling his story. He started to feel better in the next 3 days of taking these prescribed medicines.

On 5th day, he (Dr. Altaf) went to Dr. Shazli and Dr. Shazli suggested carrying on with the same medication for the next 5 days as well. It is important to mention here that these medicines are prescribed under exclusive cases and have a great amount of side effects if overdosed. Dr. Altaf bought another 5 days course for the same medication for around 50k and started his medication without a break.

” I am a Doctor myself, But my low sugar levels  & fear of corona did not allow me to think twice before taking these medications”, Dr. Altaf Hussain shah


The next 5 days were the toughest of my life, I began to deteriorate on hourly basis. During a test in Laboratory, I become unconscious several times. These were definitely the side effects of medications & I was already well within 3 days of taking those medicines and there were no issues like temperature, nausea, loose motions, headache even the sugar levels were also normal, but Dr. Shazli still recommended me to carry on with Hi doses, Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah.

After 10 days of taking these medicines, Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah went again to Dr. Shazli Manzoor to discuss his condition. Dr. Shazli suggested some tests and prescribed to increase the dosage of already Hi anti-biotics & steroids. Fear of corona did not allow Dr.Altaf to think about the consequences of such Hi dosage of Steroids and Anti-biotics, and he again bought all the medicines for around 50k for the next 5 days as well. You can get the idea of how high these dosages were with the fact that he gets 10 injections on daily basis. His condition became more severe and on the 12th day, when he was almost on death bed his friend Dr. Mubeen suggested him to stop taking these medicines as he is not dying from illness but from the poison of those Hi dosage antibiotics & steroids.

Dr Altaf Hussain Shah, went to another Dr. whose name was  Dr. Aftab Akhtar in Shifa Hospital Islamabad. Dr.Aftab Akhtar recommended some tests and told Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah that he has no post corona symptoms/effects and he is dying from the overdosage of those antibiotics. His LFT’s were not working, Beluribin was high and there was increased protein in his urine as well. Dr. Aftab Akhtar immediately asked Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah to stop those antibiotics and keep lowering the dosage of steroids and then stop taking those steroids as well.

Within one day of not taking antibiotics, I become 25% better and was able to talk well. On the next day, I was feeling 50% betterment in my health. Dr. Aftab Akhtar told me that those medicines now have a lasting effect on my health and I am 100% sure that if I keep taking those medicines for another 3 days, I might not be able to tell my story today.

I have been given a new life by ALLAH PAK, Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah.


He had suffered a lot from overtreatment and he does not want others to suffer from this as well. People are dying of corona around the globe, but they should not die from mistreatment/overtreatment, said Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah.

While sharing his story, Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah put up two requests in front of Doctor Shazli Manzoor:

  1. Kindly avoid overdosing patients with steroids and antibiotics
  2. Try to treat the patient, not the X-ray.

Doctor Shazli Manzoor has misinterpreted my X-ray and kept on overdosing me with life-threatening medications, Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah.

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At the end of sharing his experience, Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah volunteered himself to guide people who have contracted coronavirus or are getting treatments regarding post corona symptoms by sharing his contact number.
I am an orthopedic doctor, So I can not treat you against corona, but I can guide you by listening to you and by sharing my experience, Dr. Altaf Hussain shah.

Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah’s contact number is 03335100544.


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‘Stop Overdosing’: Dr. Altaf Hussain Shah tells his story of Surviving from Covid 19

Doctor Altaf Hussain Shah, a 64+year old orthopedic doctor, who runs a well-known private clinic in Blue-Area Islamabad, shares his experience of mistreatment of...

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