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Does CGPA Matter?

What’s your CGPA? This is the most stigmatized thing in our culture. We basically judge another person by their CGPA. If it’s low then he must be a loser, if it’s high he must be a nerd or a snob.

So today let’s settle this once in for all.


Ok. Don’t be all so hyped up to read the heading. It’s actually more to it than that. From a statistical standpoint, students with an average GPA may lack in studies but make up for it by being practical.

We as a society have made this subject more complex than it is. What is GPA? Only just a “Grade Point Average”. Are we really going to just judge a person on some stupid number? NO! Definitely not.

The real and important thing to understand is that the corporate world doesn’t care about GPA. They care about your experiences, your exposure and your level of practicality.

At the end of the day, GPA becomes a lost cause. A forgotten subject in your professional life.

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Experience Matters!

Why most students are rejected from jobs? Ever wonder? Well, they have excellent academic scores or may have studied from top universities. But they have zero to none experience.

Granted that you are a fresh graduate. You’re just new to everything. But that doesn’t give you a free pass. INTERNSHIPS! Internships are highly important during your education.

Why internships are important?

Most students take internships too lightly. Or consider them unnecessary. Well, you’re all wrong. Good internships are often a source of good referrals. Moreover, they can lead to permanent or contractual jobs.

Does CGPA Matter?
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This your best ticket for getting into a good firm. You would have experience and on the other hand a good reference list.

I would highly advise all students in universities to have at it. Don’t let your summer vacation go in vain. Don’t just sleep all day and be awake all night. This is a crucial time where you can really carve out your future.

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So back to the bigger question. Obsessing on a perfect CGPA won’t get you anywhere. To have a decent career you need to have all the attributes. Take it from someone who is in his last year of university.

To explain this better let me give you an example. So let’s say CGPA is a cherry on top of a cake. Now to prepare the cake there are numerous things involved. Adding the right ingredients, applying the frosting the right way and layering the cake appropriately.

The cherry will fascinate you at first. But later it will be the cake that will be of the utmost importance. Does it taste good? With all the layers and frosting?

So for an interviewer, your experience, your voluntary work, your analytical skills, your interpersonal a culmination of all these things will truly define you.

It won’t matter if you even have a 4 CGPA if you can speak fluently. If you can’t tackle analytical based questions. If you’re unable to express yourself properly. However, if you’re someone who exhibits all the above qualities mentioned with having an average CGPA. Chances are the second person who will be preferred.

In my personal opinion, your skills and personality should outshine. The CGPA will be overlooked once you showcase your competence.


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