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Do You Know About Pirated Software?

We live in a world full of technologies. We use lots of software. Mostly we need to buy the software but some Softwares are available online and we need not buy them. Pirated Softwares are the software that we mostly use.

Pirated Software:

Software that we copied or distributed for free or at a low price against its creator’s wishes is called pirated software. For example Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Internet Download Manager, WinRAR, Antivirus, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

About Pirated Softwares:

Piracy comes from the music industry. It is the illegal broadcasting of music without paying a royalty. In the early 1960s, this practice was rife in the UK with entire radio stations being built on ships and sailed out to international waters to broadcast. Famous ones include Radio Caroline and Radio London.

The fact they did this illegal activity on ships is where the association with real pirates came from.

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Do You Know About Pirated Softwares?
Credit: news.microsoft.com

What actually Pirated Means?

Generally ‘pirated’ means one or more of the following depending on context:

  • Unlicensed, i.e. the software is being used without paying the developer(s) for a license to use it.
  • Unlawfully distributed, i.e. mostly these are available on the internet as free software without developers permission and often their licensed keys are available too.
  • Cracked, i.e. sometime people altered the software to remove copy protection systems like license keys.

Opposite of pirated would normally be a legitimate or licensed copy of the software.

Why Pirated Softwares Are Common?

It is getting common because you can use that software at a very low price and is easy to access this kind of software and they are being used without the permission of its creator and people make cracked versions of it. This leads them to use that software with ease but that cracked or pirated software will lead to some problems which can be very serious like.

Risks Of Pirated Softwares:

  • First Risk: You can infect your PC.  The crack might be a poorly disguised malware. I know you think that’s just an antivirus false positive but actually, that’s not true. We all know about damage malware, it can slow down the PC, sends your information out, damage your files, bringing in your friends, etc. Identity thieves can easily exploit credit card details, bank account number, address books, password, etc.
  • Second Riska: Actually the program does not work. Some software companies implement a way of checking its registration like you need to update your software after some time and you can’t use it unless you purchase it.

Do You Know About Pirated Softwares?
Credit: www.reveantivirus.com

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How To Save Your Data?

In order if you don’t want to lose your important data or if you don’t want your personal data to be leaked you have some options:

  • Free Version: You can use the free version of the software. If a free version of a software is available then go for it, especially when it covers your needs. Most vendors give free software you can use throughout your life. If you don’t ever need the premium version, you can stay with the freemium version.
  • Less Expensive Version: Some software provides versions that are less expensive. If you can spend a little money on software then go and buy it. The limited expensive version of the software is available with limited features, these features can fulfill your needs.

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