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Do Children Need A Mobile Phone?


This question should be asked to the parents, who are making the habit of their children to rely on mobile phones. The parents are not only neglecting their children but they are running away from their own responsibilities. Addition to this, when the children grow up with a mobile phone in their hands, then they are less connected with their parents.


Do children need a mobile phone?
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The parents are either unaware of the fact or denying it, that this habit is and will affect their relationship with their children, negatively. Are you a parent or have you seen any parent doing this to their child? Then, read this article and spread awareness.


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Do children need a mobile phone?
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Parents Neglecting Their Duties:

Recently, I visited a mall where I saw two infants. Their father was busy with his mobile phone and their mother was busy with her shopping. The babies were left crying with the maid. The maid had a duty to entertain the infants by playing videos on the mobile phone. (Round of applause for all the parents who are practicing it.) I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has witnessed such cases.

Note: This practice is not limited to any specific social class.




Parents’ Relationship With Their Children:

Where infants grow up using mobile phones and the maid is there to take care of them, what are the duties of the parents then? Just to pay for their increasing needs? We are heading towards this type of parenting where parents do not have much time to spend with their kids. Therefore, the kids recognize their parents but they lack attachment with them.

Do children need a mobile phone?
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There are different development stages of childhood. Every stage has its own importance and at every stage, the children need their parents. The parents are not realizing that their children need them the most at their early childhood stages. At this phase, the children learn to trust others and attaches with the person, he trusts.  Apart from this, once they grew up and start going to school, then there is a busy schedule for the kids ahead. Ultimately, once the kid grew up as an adult, he somehow leaves his parents behind. At that time, the parents realize that their grown-up children do not give them time. Eventually, the retired father and turning old mother waits long for their grown-up child to come home early and give them some time. Do these grown-up children willingly give attention to their parents, at that time? What do you think?


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Problems Associated With Excessive Use of Mobile Phone:

There are several applications that are specially designed for the children but do the children really need them? These videos affect the child physically and mentally.

Do children need a mobile phone?
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In the early ages, the child faces eyesight issues, lack interest in outdoor activities, frequent changing eating habits and sleep patterns, etc.

Do children need a mobile phone?
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Addition to this, the children are now short-tempered and obstinate. Due to this, it becomes difficult to control and guide them the right path. With the passage of time, when they do not get attention at their home, they try to find out that attention outside of their home and they get isolated. Many of us are still isolated! Aren’t we?

Do children need a mobile phone?

Usually, parents give an argument that the applications help the children to learn poems, counting, and other languages, etc. Here comes our Mashwarah for all the parents, to teach their children themselves. Make the children learn poems, counting, and other languages but teach them by your own selves. In this way, you will spend productive time with your child and it will help your child to develop. This development will make your bond stronger with your children. They will trust you and before approaching anybody else, they will directly approach you to discuss their problems. The parents feel as children do not have any problem but the parents need to learn that there are many but children hesitate to share.

Do children need a mobile phone?

Our Mashwarah is that the parents need to have parenting guide. It will not only allow them to know their responsibilities but help them to fulfill their responsibilities in a better way. The children do not need a mobile phone but they need their parents.

Do children need a mobile phone?

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