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Cruelty on Capital TV’s end!

Pakistan’s economy is in constant decline. Yes, we get it things are really tough. Cash flow is tight in even multi-million corporation. However, the cruelty on capital TV’s end cannot be justified in any circumstances. I just fail to understand how people can stoop so low!


So what happened

How would you feel if you don’t get paid for your hard work? When consistent hardships prevail on you. Side by side your mental is deteriorating day by day. Well, just dive right into the shoes of late Fayyaz Ali.

Cruelty on Capital TV's end!
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He was a cameraman who, a resident of Islamabad, who died of cardiac arrest recently. Fayyaz was a cameraman for capital TV. Capital TV is reportedly owned by a close relative of a former advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh Sharmila Farooqi.

You may be wondering what has this person’s sudden death got anything to do with Capital TV? Fayyaz Ali had been working for about 10 months without a salary. He was rigorously working for the channel so that they would somehow release his overdue salary.

However, all his efforts were in vain. Capital TV fired him from his job. It was reported that he was already under immense mental and financial pressure. When he got back home he felt chest pains soon after he stopped breathing.

This news got me deeply. I was really saddened to hear about how this man passed away. It clearly shows it wasn’t his time but the extreme depression and shock of losing his job just took away his life.

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Here it is obvious that the culprits are Capital TV. Since PTI came into power and came to governance this whole country has been a train wreck. Pakistani media workers are facing one of the worst times in regards to the financial crisis.

It just baffles me every time how these conglomerates can go about their day with suffocating people. These people make their channel work and at the end of the day don’t even get what is their right! What kind of business are you running?

These scoundrels are sacking media personnel and cutting their salaries in the name of making fewer profits than they did before.  The typical excuse of these media leeches. They all should be thrown down and crushed.

Look, look at what you did to this poor man! Not even giving what is owed to the person. He produced content for you to publish and run on your channel. You might have even made millions off his work and yet you denied him what was his right. HIS GOD DAMN SALARY!

Cruelty is an upgrade there must be some kind of a new adjective for you people. Pure filth is what I would use to describe you all.

At the end of the day, no one will listen. Everyone would just ignore this major incident and have only one thing in their mind, THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN TO ME. Well, keep being ignorant and see how this all could befall upon you. God forbid.

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Fayyaz Ali was one of the many who are thrown under the bus for no apparent reason. These media vagabonds have only one thing they do best, attack the little person.

His story was luckily highlighted by a few channels and websites. However, what about the hundreds of people who face this ill-treated and just go through the motion.

Earlier, an employee of a private channel based in Lahore committed suicide due to not being paid for several months. There are these as well. This has become a typical case for public new channel workers.

Hearing all these extreme cruelties on the employers part makes not want to work here in Pakistan. No wonder why people just move abroad to find work. At least they know even being a foreigner they’ll get paid.

So many tragedies have happened in the first month of 2020. At some point, I visualized this new decade is a good climbing point for Pakistan. But it seems I was wrong we as a nation keep falling and falling.

Don’t even know what is next in line!



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Cruelty on Capital TV’s end!

Pakistan's economy is in constant decline. Yes, we get it things are really tough. Cash flow is tight in even multi-million corporation. However, the...


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