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CPEC or a trap for Pakistan

Everyone knows China is really strict about its rules and policies. Just look at their one-child policy which was later on relaxed. But with CPEC underway who knows what could go down. Are we as a nation going to be ignorant of the hardships that are befallen on Muslims there?

Concentration camps

This whole article will be centered on the fact that Muslims in China are being broken down. Devastation is manifested upon Muslims there. The world has turned a blind eye on China.


CPEC or a trap for Pakistan
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Need I remind you they are the next big superpower in the entire world. However, even still we don’t see. We are carrying on with CPEC. Which is just centered on China. The major benefits are in China.

Through CPEC they will activate a large land on their end which is not being used. I don’t care how many jobs will CPEC supposedly creates. Whether it will boost our economy. If this all questions our inner sanctity then there is no use.

While we live blissfully in our homes our neighboring Muslims are being ripped apart.

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What are these camps?

Now lets come to the topic at hand concentration camps. It has been reported by multiple sources that China is trying to annihilate Muslims in China. Reports state that they are being detained against their will. Men women and children all are a subject of their harsh acts.

Women are being raped. Can you image this horrific act being done on a massive scale? Their hijab is forcefully being snatched off. I mean what does a piece of cloth over your face do to someone. It’s your life it’s your body. Moreover, when a nation objects on what you wear then they can do anything.

One report conveyed that men are being skinned alive. SKINNED ALIVE! I cannot even fathom such an act. I wouldn’t even do that to my worst enemy. And China has crossed that line. Matter of fact they are so beyond the line. Where no humanity exists.

Muslims in these camps are being forced to eat pork meat. In order for them to forfeit their religion. There must be more various gruesome acts that might be going on there.


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And what about CPEC?

Well, as usual, we are under a rock. This time under the thumb of China. I get it we have to think about this strategically. No emotion should be involved. However, what do you think will happen when China has fully penetrated Pakistan?


CPEC or a trap for Pakistan

I don’t know what will happen. But my instincts tell me CPEC is just a decoy. Have you ever thought or observed the overall population increase of Chinese in Pakistan? Where I live I can rest assured say it significantly has.

Do we really want to shake hands with people who spite Muslims? Who if gotten a chance would destroy us in a matter of time.

I know you might be wondering this is all speculation. Well then have a capped mind. Only time will tell how friendly is CPEC to all of us. How is China trying to penetrate our skin by being friends first? Then bitting in the end!


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