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COSMETICS , Type of Cosmetic and Make up.


Products which are used to enhance beauty or fragrance and texture of the body. Cosmetics are made of chemical compounds, or some are made of natural resources such as coconut oil or almond oil.

Types Of Cosmetics:
  •  Firstly, Cosmetics used on the face are known as Make-up.  Like: eyeliner, compact, mascara, blush, etc.
  •      Secondly, cosmetics used for the care of skin are called skin-care products. For instance: skin cleanser, body lotion, sunblocks, etc.
  •     Furthermore, cosmetics used in the hair are named as hair products. For example shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc.
  • CosmeticsCosmetics

Types Of Make-Up:

1. Lip Products:

  • Lipsticks are used to add some color and texture to lips and there is a wide range of lip colors.
  • Lip-Gloss is used for adding some shine to your lips.
  • Lip-Stain is used to give matte lock, there might be alcohol in it.
  • Lip-Pencils are used for making the boundary of lips. These are used for good finishing.
  • Lip-plumper is used for plumping lips.
  • Cosmetics

2. Primer:

It is used before applying makeup on the face. Primer makes a layer between makeup and primer for preventing the face from acne.

3.   Foundation:

It is used to cover spots, acne, blackheads, or uneven tone of the skin and makes skin smooth. Secondly, the types of foundations are:

  • Liquid Foundation.
  • Powder Foundation.
  • Cream Foundation.
  • Mousse Foundation.

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4.   Concealer:

Firstly concealers are used in the areas where extra coverage is needed for example dark circles. It covers the acne marks perfectly and other marks, because, counselors are thicker than foundation.

5.  Face Powder:

It’s used to set foundation or concealer on dark circles etc. Secondly, Face Powder gives a matte look on the face.

6.  Blusher:

We use blushers to add colors on cheeks, moreover, it defines cheekbones. Different colors are used for different tones.

7.  Bronzer:

It gives a bit of color to the skin and sharpens the features of the face. Bronzer is more of a natural look furthermore, It enhances the color of the face. following are types of Bronzer:

  • Matte bronzer.
  • Semi-matte or satin Bronzer.
  • Shimmer bronzer.

8.  Highlighter:

Firstly, it gives attention to high points such as collar bones, nose, upper lip, cheekbones and under eyebrows. Types of Highlighters are:

  • Liquid highlighter.
  • Powder highlighter.
  • Cream highlighter.
  • Cosmetics

9.   Eyeshades:

Firstly, eyeshadow is used for adding colors on your eye like on or below the eyes. Secondly, it can be applied with a finger or its brush, but before applying with finger remove oil from finger because it can cause acne.

10.  Eye Liner:

Firstly, it is used to enhance the size and depth of the eye, for instance, if we use black eyeliner it makes eyes smaller but, if we use white eyeliner it makes eyes bigger and wider. Nowadays different types of eyeliners are available in the market, for example, liquid, gel, pen, waterproof, etc.

11.  Mascara:

Mascara’s are used to lengthen, thicken, and darken eyelashes, furthermore, these are available in different colors, glittered, and waterproof too.

12.   False EyeLashes:

Above all, we can add beauty to our face by using false eyelashes, which are mostly made of original hair attached with a piece of cloth. Moreover for applying it: Firstly, apply a thin layer of eyelashes glue and place it on your eyelashes line, Secondly, press it slightly with your finger.

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