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Cool and Affordable Cars in Pakistan

Here are some of the Cool and Affordable cars in Pakistan.

Cars nowadays are treated as a basic necessity of life, whether its a college dude or an office employee, they all required affordable cars. Selecting the cool & affordable car is a troublesome task, especially in Pakistan, as the conditions of roads are not favorable. The oil prices keep on hiking. The government keeps on adding taxes and duties on the cars, Similarly, the inflation rate is at its peak. We have seen that the purchasing power of the people has decreased recently and people are looking for more substitution. For example, a person who on average spends Rupees 15,000 on groceries now tries to spend Rupees 10,000 or even less.

Similar is the case with cars. The elite class of our society focuses on design, comfort-level and on the brand of car. For them, the price is a secondary thing. On the other hand, individuals from middle-class families prefer cheap cars whose maintenance and running cost is low as well. In the coming topics, we will take a look at the cars that are affordable in Pakistan.

1. United Bravo


The company entered into car manufacturing in 2018 prior to it, the company was manufacturing their exclusive motorbikes. The number of United cars are increasing on the roads day by day and can be considered as one of the cool and affordable cars in Pakistan

This exclusive car is 5-Door Hatchback with 800CC automatic transmission. It comes with an electrically powered steering wheel, 30 Liters of the tank for fuel and a rear camera with a sensor. The starting price of this is Rupees 985,000 Rupees.

2. Suzuki Alto


After a long time, Suzuki alto changed its shape. This exciting new car has a 660CC engine and is available in the market in three different types which include VX, VXR, and VXL based on their automation and functionality. The car is 8th generation and came with the automatic transmission, power windows, power steering, ABS and central car locking system. The price range starts from PKR 9,99,000 to PKR 12,95,000. It covers a distance of almost 20 KM in a liter which is a great milage.

3. Prince Pearl

Perl is a car with 5-Door Hatchback that is manufactured by Prince Automobile. Price is best known for motorbike manufacturing but recently the company jumped into car manufacturing just as united did. This car came with 13-inch Alloy rim and have 800 CC engine. Furthermore,  it comes power steering along with automatic and manual transmission. It covers almost 15km of milage in 1 liter of petrol and cost around PKR 100,0000.

4. Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is one of the most selling cars in Pakistan. It has the simplest design and gives the milage of around 17 Kilometer in a liter of petrol. One of the best things in this car is that the spare parts are quite cheap and are readily accessible.

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5. Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki WagonR was the top-selling car in 2019. This car had many features. This car is elevated higher than other cars and while looking at the road condition of Pakistan this is the best option. In addition to this, the engine of the car was 1000CC. The spare parts were also readily available in the market and the maintenance cost was also low as compared to other cars. With the consumption of 1 liter of fuel car traveled around 15 Km.

6. Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is among the favorite cars of Pakistanis. Finally, after about a decade the shape of the car is totally changed and we can see a number of innovations in this model. It has 1000 CC engine with EFI and is available in different types like VXL and VXR based on functionality. The car comes with 5 gears and is the mode of comfort for its users. It can cost you around 2 Million PKR and gives you a milage of 14 KM in a liter of petrol. The spare parts are also not that expensive and are easily available in the market.

7. Japanese Cars

Recently there are a number of cars which have been imported to Pakistan and most of them are Japanese and their manufacturers are Honda, Suzuki, Nissan etc. They can be termed as Cool Affordable Cars in Pakistan but one of the nastiest things is that all of those cars are basically designed for the roads in Japan. The condition of roads in Pakistan is not much favorable. The engine of those car rages from 660 cc to 1000 cc and they also offer its user with great milage which may be 15KM to 25KM in a liter of petrol. On the other hand, the maintenance cost is much higher and the price of spare parts is also high and is not readily available. They can cost you from 1 million PKR to 2.5 million PKR.

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