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Considering doing bachelors from UCP? 7 things you should know before applying

UCP powered by our very own Punjab Group of Colleges. Well, there’s not much to say about the university itself. But if UCP is in your list for admission here are the most essentials things you should know about UCP that will clarify everything for you


Commencement of Classes

This is by far the most important thing that you should know about UCP before applying there. They start their semesters very late. For instance, all other universities normally start in August, they start in mid of October. Meanwhile, other universities’ semester ends by December and May respectively. UCP’s semesters end in February and Mid of July.

This strategy on their part is so infuriating! It’s not only me but numerous others are right along with me on this. Getting late vacations is the least of our worries.

The more serious problem is that we are very late to the party. And by that I mean is “Internships”. All good internships are taken by students of other universities. There are not many vacancies left.

Moreover, it can be a major problem for those students who want to apply for MBA. As it can clash with their university timings.


Dull Campus Life

Now then let us get started. If you’re a student who is coming from colleges that have well-groomed campuses such as FC College, GC,  LGS or Beacon House. Then prepare yourself cause you will be disappointed.

despite having facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym it still isn’t enough. They didn’t put any thought as to students would highly require a playground. People let me tell you if you’re coming to UCP to have a good time on campus then be prepared for major disappointment.

The consecutive lecture is the key to get through the day. Cause those students who have breaks in between lectures are really screwed. Unlike other universities in UCP, you don’t have a place to go in breaks.


For those of you who are opting for a business, degree let me assure you the teaching faculty is one of the top ones in Pakistan. While UCP may lack in many things which I’ll discuss later it can somewhat make up for it through its quality of education.

There is a diverse teaching staff provided by UCP. I can happily say that for my 3 years in UCP there may have been ups and downs in my studies but the faculty here is pretty competent.

Rest assured if you’re a student who is only study-oriented then UCP should be on your list.

Not only their business department is flourishing but they have revamped all their major departments. Which includes engineering, CS and live sciences.


Overly Crowded at times

So if you’re used to being in your space then brace yourself. With over 11,000 students studying in UCP, there is a fair chance people could run into you.

Inadequate seating arrangement

The more obtruding attribute to the university is that it doesn’t have a place to sit.

I mean with an enrollment of over 11,000 students you should really have a bigger place to hold off students. As a student there for 3 years I see students sitting in the small green belts, hallways and even on staircases. A small cafeteria which they call as “UCP Food Street” is far from sufficient.

And if there are many places to sit they’ll already be taken by the overly clustered students. This can get really frustrating at times.



Most universities offer open parking to their students. Meaning that they are open parking lots and do not have any coverage. I’m glad to tell you that UCP’s parking is in the basement. Furthermore, in the scorching heat of Pakistan basement parking-lots are a blessing in disguise.

In addition, having basement parking in a university is just spot on. And this facility should be highly admired by all.


“Not all that glitters is glamour”

I made it fairly obvious that UCP’s parking is really good. But I only said the idea of basement parking is good. Not the actually quality of parking itself.

The parking is deeply claustrophobic. It only takes minutes for the whole parking to fill up. Which indicates that it doesn’t have ample space for all of its students on vehicles. Due to the parking being such cramped up accidents are possible.


Choosing your own course load

A very few universities give the freedom to choose your own courses, including UCP. However, it should be noted that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Most students leisurely select their courses. Consequently, ending up with a bad GPA.

This autonomy should be used wisely. Selecting the right section the right course and the right teacher for it is really hard. Plus, the probability of all these three boxes being ticked is low. If you want to be with your friends in all courses then be very alert while registering for your courses.

  • Note course registration is given from the 3rd semester and onwards. The first two semesters are pre-planned and pre-registered by the university. 


Unlike other universities, UCP has astounding merit-based scholarships. Not to mention the 50% of Scholarships for students who come from the punjab group of colleges. Another important note:

  • If you have 900 or more than 900 marks in intermediate and come from PGC your first semester is free. You’ll get a 100% scholarship. Just the admission fees have to be paid. 


Maintaining a 3.3 CGPA will give you a 12% scholarship, a 3.5 CGPA and onwards will be rewarded by 50% scholarship and anything beyond 3.92 CGPA will result in a 100% scholarship.

Those of you who will form PGC will have to maintain a 3.0 CGPA to have a 50% scholarship and anything below till 2.5 CGPA will give you only 25% scholarship.


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