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Charge Your Device with HyperJuice 100 W Power Bank

The power bank is one of the inventive gadgets of modern times. The use of power bank is getting common day by day because the users are dependent on their smart devices for much of the tasks. Therefore, there are many brands which are focusing on the emergent need of the customers. Likewise, HyperJuice has recently launched its 100W power bank and claimed it the world’s most powerful Power Bank. What else HyperJuice Power Bank has for its customers? Know more about it, in this article!


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Benefits associated with Power Bank usage:

The brands are becoming customer-centric. So, they facilitate the customers with their quality products and services. The power bank has several advantages that compel the users to purchase one and then bid a goodbye to the charging issues.

Firstly, the power bank is convenient to carry to any place outside the home where there is no electricity. E.g. the students carry power banks to their colleges and universities to charge their smartphones and even the laptops.


HyperJuice power bank
Credits: www.kickstarter.com

Secondly, power banks have the capacity to charge fast. It takes from a few minutes to a few hours to fully charge the battery of the smartphone or the laptops. So, it saves the time of the user and the user can invest that time in a productive way.

Thirdly, it provides freedom to travel. The user can travel without worrying about the smartphone’s battery. The user just has to connect the device via USB port and then it’s all up to the power bank.


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HyperJuice Power Bank Features and Specifications:

The HyperJuice power bank has 100 W which can charge up to three devices at a time. There are two USB Type-C ports and a standard USB port. Each port has different power outputs. Accordingly, the user can connect the devices to the power bank.

The USB Type-C ports have two different power output i.e. 100 W and 60 W, respectively. The standard USB port can charge with 18W power output.

HyperJuice power bank
Credits: www.kickstarter.com

Addition to this, HyperJuice Power Bank is the first power bank with USB-C ports to supply power. For that reason, HyperJuice is the fastest charging power bank of this time.

HyperJuice power bank
Credits: www.kickstarter.com

HyperJuice claims that the power bank can fully charge the Apple MacBook Pro. Apart from this, the power bank has a huge capacity which is enough to fully charge 7 smartphones with an average battery size of 3500-5000 mAh.

Price and Colours available:

HyperJuice is available in two decent colors; Silver and Deep Gray. The company has priced 100W Power Bank at $250.

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