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CPEC, A Mere Exploitation on China’s Part?

2019 is coming to an end as we see it. I’m sure there’s not a single person that doesn’t know what CPEC is but for those of you who are wondering CPEC stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Basically this is a treaty a massive project from which both countries will benefit from. As it has been conveyed by our government. However, do not be rattled to the fact that this is an article designed to attack CPEC.

But there are things that are going widely unnoticed as CPEC is underway. I keenly observed and came to the conclusion that the Chinese population is slowly increasing day by day.

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Chinese Adaptions

The university that I’m currently enrolled in (UCP) has now made it necessary to study the Chinese language. I highly oppose this matter. If you’re going to teach any language in other than English in the university it should be Urdu to promote it further.

If not Urdu than maybe french. According to FSI french is one of the easiest languages to learn. However, this is another debate.

The point I’m trying to make is that the Chinese entities are penetrating our system and we as a nation are really ignorant about it.

Recently I noticed is that Jazz a Telecom giant in Pakistan is giving third language options Chinese in their service. I just think that it is pointless as to where they are headed.


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In Retrospect

This whole turn of events happened with Sri Lanka a while back. What they did was took a hefty amount of loans from the Chinese government. It was obvious to many that they couldn’t pay them back in the quoted time.

Eventually, refusal to giving back what was owed the Chinese government came to SriLanka with a proposal stating that a certain land should be given where they would work and will be Chinese government property.

SriLanka was not in a position to negotiate on the matter at hand. So they had no choice. Hence that piece of Sri Lanka is now China’s property.


Possible Danger

While CPEC may have its perks, not all that glitter is gold. Massive projects are in progress. There is construction being done in the northern sector of Pakistan. All my China. I recently went to Kashmir and on my way noticed these projects being done.

Although China has done a lot to improve our northern areas. I’m afraid that slow and steady they’ll start to call it their own. It will no longer be seen as a part of Pakistan.

Our government should tread carefully or else we will have the same fate as Sri Lanka had.

There will be many who will think of this article as a pessimistic view on CPEC but this should be pondered upon by everyone. Do we really want to be ruled by the Chinese?

As the whole world is run by Chinese products and someday strategically they’ll enter in each and every nation, gradually showing their true colors and motives.


I don’t condemn or implicate that CPEC is harmful to us but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye as well. Ignorance won’t get us anywhere.


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CPEC, A Mere Exploitation on China’s Part?

2019 is coming to an end as we see it. I'm sure there's not a single person that doesn't know what CPEC is but...

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