The city of Lahore is well known for being the central Hub of Food. Every day you see a new outlet opening. That offers a variety of food and beverages. Lahore being the finest in food taste is now trending in cafeterias and coffee shops opening up on a massive scale. Moreover, we see a variety of coffee and tea shops on the Hot spot places of Lahore. Similarly, if we pass through UCP, Johar Town we see the number of chai and coffee places on every corner. Today we will be discussing which of them are worth to try.

  • Gloria Jean’s Johar Town

Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop has a number of outlets in Lahore. One of them is located in Johar Town. It offers numerous different flavors in coffee which you can enjoy alone or with your friends. Being one of the best and one of the oldest coffee shops has been the center of attraction to the majority of the coffee lovers from the UCP. So, it is one of to finest places to enjoy coffee at.

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Address: Shouk Chowk Park, Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone Number: (042) 35311140

Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP
  • T2 – Tea & Tandoor Johar Town

T2 – Tea & Tandoor has a variety on their menu. They attract their customers with five different flavors of Tea.

  1. Karak
  2. Elachi
  3. Zafrani
  4. Adrak
  5. Dodh Pati

You can order a plain one or Tandori.

Address69 Iqbal Avenue opposite Shaukat Khanum near raja sahib، Lahore, 54000

Phone Number0323 4890800

Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP
Credits: T2 – Tea n Tandoor

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  • Second Cup Emporium Mall

The “Second Cup” in Emporium mall is one of the newly launched coffee shops and has become a major attraction for coffee lovers. You can enjoy a massive variety of different coffees and feed your taste buds after shopping in Mall. Or you can make a plan with your UCP friends to enjoy a variety of coffees.

Address: Emporium Mall by Nishat Group

Phone number: (042) 32592213

Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP
  • Chai Chubara Johar Town

Chai Chubara has a simple and casual outdoor setting. Here at chai chubara other drinks are usually offered too, but the chai is the main attraction for the customers. The tea offered by chai chubara is creamy and flavorsome. Ludo and chess are two games you can play there.

Address415, Block E Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone0305 1577773

Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP
Credits: Chai Chubara


  • Coffee Planet Johar Town.

Coffee Planet totally dedicated to bringing the best of coffee in town with some great snack items. This place is gaining quite a reputation in the coffee world and catching the attraction of coffee lovers.

Address66 R1 Main Blvd, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone number: (042) 35241175
Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP
  • Cup O Tea Johar Town

Cup O Tea to attract the customers organizes different events such as Qawali Night, Stand up Comedy, Bonfire, and e.t.c in their restaurant. Well,  there’s not a lot of choice of tea available on their menu but the tea they offer is creamy.

Address415, Block E Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Phone number0305 1577773

  • Mocca Coffee Emporium Mall

With numerous varieties of coffees to offer on the table, Mocca Coffee is another premium coffee shop. Mocca Coffee is catching up with customers and giving tough competition in the coffee world of Lahore. While making coffee kept in mind the taste buds of Lahori people.

Address: Mocca Coffee Emporium Mall

Phone number: (042) 35790056

Best Tea/Coffee Available Near UCP

Lahore once was known for historical places. But now being a Lahori is different. We all now known for the food that our city offers. However, our city is informally known as the food and cultural capital of Pakistan. In all these places we have some places how are on the top of others on the list due to multiple reasons. So do these places. These Coffee and Tea places are worthy to try.

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