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Best Tailors in Lahore

A tailor is a person who stitches the cloths. It is often said, the first impression is the last impression. Everyone wants to look cool and neat. Whether it is a meeting, a wedding, a get-together, or a job interview every one likes to look better. Some people prefer readymade clothes, whereas, some prefer personalized stitched clothes. Well, in the coming section, we will look for some of the best tailors in Lahore.

Well, there are generally two types of people. The first are those who prefer ready-made clothes. They just go to the shops and purchase it. Ready-made clothes are often unfit depending upon the physique of a person. The main purpose of ready-made clothes is to save your precious time. You don’t need to wait for the tailor to get it stitched. On the other hand, the second types of people are those who prefer customized stitched clothes. They no matter what happen always wear customized stitched clothes. These types of clothes are usually fit and the person looks a lot better because the size is exactly the same as his or her body. Finding a good tailor could be challenging. Well here are some of them.

1. Dandy Design

Well, it is one of the best tailors for men in Lahore. It is pretty expensive and is one of the oldest. Dandy Design was established in the year 1979. Moreover, If you want your wedding suite, this is the best option for you. A three-piece suite may cost you above 15,000 PKR but you will never regret your decision. You can also visit Dandy’s website to know more

Location: 83 The Mall Rd. Lahore, Pakistan, 54000
Contact:  +92-311-1132639

2. Perennial

It is also among the best men’s tailor. If you wanted to rank it with Dandy Design, I would say both stands in the same row. You can also purchase clothes from there as they also sell ready-made clothes and if you wanted they also could alter those clothes according to your size. Their designer is one of the best in Lahore. Believe me, if you are fat, then this is the best option for you. He will stitch you three piece suite in such a way that you won’t even look fat. You must visit Perennial’s website to know more.

Source: Perennial’s Website

Location: 36- Commercial area, Cavalry ground, Lahore, Pakistan.
Contact: +92-300-9451984

3. Shafiq Sons Tailor

Shafiq Son’s tailor is also one of the best and oldest tailors in Lahore. It was established in 1949 and you don’t need to pay an extra amount for stitching the clothes. The rate is almost equal to the rest of the normal tailors but the stitching quality is quite better. Moreover, they also focus on the timely delivery of the clothes to its customers.

Address: 2-Lawrance Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Contact: +92-42-36301400

4. Bismillah Shimla Tailors

Bismillah Shaimla Tailor is one of the best tailors for ladies. They stitch all types of ladies’ clothes. Moreover, the quality is never compromised and they deliver clothes within the time. For your cousin’s wedding, this is the best option for ladies.

Source: Pintrest

Address: 40-Civic Centre, Shop 9,Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore
Contact: +92-323-4844769

5. Tariq Tailors

This is also among top tailors in Lahore. They stitch clothes for both ladies and gents. Moreover, the price is also not that high. I mean you can easily afford it.

Source: Just Dial

Address: Near Chowk Nawa Narian Court, Kaliar Road
Contact: 042-37416175

6. Diamond Tailor

If you want seasonal clothes this is also the best option for you. They stitch clothes for both gents and ladies. They also deliver within time. Moreover, they are also not that expensive. You can find it at the following address

Address: 68, LG Floor, Defence Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard
Contact: 042-36611968

7. Aniza Ladies Tailor & Fashion Boutique

They only stitch ladies’ dress. However, this tailor is not that expensive. They also guarantee timely delivery. You can find them at the following location.

Source: Facebook

Address: 7-C-1 Shop no# 12 Civic Centre Moon Market Faisal Town Lahore
Contact: +92-333-4062257

8. Reebok Tailor

This is a medium level tailor. It is not that expensive, however, their quality is good. They also deliver within the time they have promised. You can find this tailor at the following location.

Source: Pintrest

Address: Vip Chowk, Zarar Shaheed Road, Lahore Cantt.
Contact: +92-300-8877426

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9. Eshaq Tailor

This is also one of the oldest tailors in Lahore. It was established in 1949. Moreover, they deal with imported and local clothes. This is also the best option for a wedding. You can find them at the following location.

Source: Public Post

Address: 186-Anarkali, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore
Contact: 042-37323916


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