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Best places to live in Lahore

Lahore is a huge city of Pakistan. It covers an area of almost 1772 square kilometers. We often listen that “Jinne Lahore Nahi Wekhya Wo Jamya Hi Nahi”. It is because Lahore is always the hub of culture and business. A number of people migrate from villages to Lahore city just to avail the city life. Although, it is pretty difficult to find a good and peaceful place to live in Lahore. Today we are going to discuss some of the best places to live in Lahore. Moreover, we will also discover some of the best colonies where you can live with your family.

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Paragon Society

Paragon society is located on the famous Barki Road in Lahore. It is although away from the city center but is one of the best places to live in. Within society, there are all the facilities. The famous departmental store Al-Fateh is also located within the society. Moreover, there are a number of shops, restaurants, and parks. You can also take a walk with your family within society. However, security is not much better. The guards are always available at the entrance but you can enter there easily. As they will never investigate anything. The price of an average 5 marla house is more than 1 crore.

Green City

Green city is also a small and well-managed housing society located on Barki Road. This society comes after paragon society. Just like Paragon, this society also has a commercial area, where you can purchase your daily needed products. The price of land is almost similar to the paragon society. One of the best things in this society is that it has a single entrance and guards do check every person before the entrance.

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Defense Housing Authority

Defense Housing Authority or DHA is one of the most popular places in Pakistan. The land is owned by the Army, however, there are many civilians living in those areas as well. Most of the foreigners prefer to purchase land over there. It may cost you a lot but you will never regret it if you purchase a house over there. DHA has its own security. There are over 10 phases of DHA and each phase is divided into multiple blocks. Alongside there are many commercial areas as well.

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Model Town

Model Town is an old and famous place in Lahore. You can reach there while going on the famous Ferozepur road. There are many blocks and sectors in the model town just like DHA. The quality of life is much better. However, this place is much expensive. You need to spend a lot of money to purchase a home over there. In addition to this, there are many beautiful parks and all facilities are easily accessible.

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Valencia Town

It is also a famous society located on Ali Akbar Road. If you want to live near the city center then I would say don’t even think of Valencia town. It is almost 30 kilometers away from the city center. However, the life experience of this society is also much better. All kinds of facilities are available within the society. The price of land is also not that high if we compare it with other societies.

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Bahira Town

Bahira Town is a famous society developed by Malik Riaz. It is also located near Raiwind Road. I would say it is one of the best society. All kinds of facilities are available within the society. You don’t even have to leave society unless your relatives live in some other area. In addition to this, Bahira Town also has its own security. Their security is much better than DHA’s. Most of the foreigners also prefer to purchase a house over there, as there are minimum fraudulent activities. Although, it is also 30 km away from the city center.

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Mall Road

Mall road is located in the center of Lahore. Almost each and every person of Lahore have visited there once in their lifetime. It is divided into two portions the lower mall and the upper mall. The price of land is much high. The main mall road is also overly crowded for almost the whole day. However, all kinds of government offices are near the Mall road. You can reach the Mall road while from the famous canal road.

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Gulberg is also one of the best places to live in Lahore. It is quite expensive as the living standard is much high over there. As far as security is concerned, it isn’t that good. You can find all major markets and places in Gulberg. All kind of entertainment spots are located at Gulberg

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Askari XI

Askari apartments are specially made for the military in Pakistan. However, a civilian can also purchase his house over there. Askari 11 is located on the ring road near Nawaz sharif interchange. If we talk about security, then I would say that it is best in Askari apartments. No one can enter without permission. A visitor had to submit their CNIC card before entering in the society. Moreover, all kinds of facilities are available within the society.

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Sui Gas Housing Society

Sui Gas Housing Society is located near Kamahan Exit on the Ring Road. Just like Askari apartments, security is quite better. The city center is quite far from Sui Gas Society but DHA is near. The price of land is quite high but this society also has all kind of facilities within. You don’t need to go outside to purchase a grocery for your home.


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