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Best Milk For Consumption – Milk Pak vs Olper’s

Milk Pak

Milk Pak was the first to introduce the packaged milk category, processing the milk through UHT(Ulta-High Temperature Processing) treatment and offer quality milk. However, people perceive it as a healthy brand and have emotional attachment due to its history.

  • A well-known brand for its quality
  • Product of Nestle
  • Market leader of packaged milk too
  • 40% of the market share

Best Milk For Consumption – Milk Pak vs Olper’s
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Consumer Perception

Milk Pak creates a perception of healthy and pure milk for a family in the minds of consumers i.e. its famous tag line

khalis hi sub kuch hai

Feelings of trust, love, and happiness are the theme of Milk Pak ads tag lines

Banaye mazboot gharana

However, it also works on building trust and loyalty in the minds of consumers for instance: in an ad, it showed the value chain network of collecting and supplying milk was shown to build consumer’s trust.

Brand Positioning

Khalis hi sub kuch hai

Wohi qudarti maza hai

pure milk, Healthy  living


Target Market

Upper middle and high class


Addition of Iron and Vitamin D

Tag Lines and Slogans Focus on People Working

To maintain health and family

To take challenges.  E.G

jaan banaoo

Best Milk For Consumption – Milk Pak vs Olper’s
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Milk Pak motivates purchasing through its powerful message strategyTapal Tea is recommended ending Milk Pak used with is tea for real taste and aroma. Specialist doctors like Gynecologist, Pediatrician, etc recommend using a glass of Milk Pak to get a healthy diet. Sports professionals using Milk Pak as a drink during sports intervals.

Recently, Milk Pak came up with an Ad showing 4 stages to safe milk in the ad that ensures quality and health that milk Pak has promised to its customers so that people get motivated towards drinking healthy and safe milk.

Milk Pak also ran a campaign named “PAKISTAN SAFEMILK MOVEMENT” which directed people toward using pure and safe milk free of any antibiotics, preservatives, etc. This was an act of corporating social responsibility showing concern and care for people and building their trust.

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Olper’s came up in 2006, with strong financials by Engro Foods and broke the monopoly of Nestle Milk Pack.

  • 22% of the market share.
  • Olper’s however, came up with aggressive marketing strategies and appealing packaging and become a well-known brand in the market.
  • Healthy, active, goal-oriented people
  • Moreover, it incorporates family love and trust

Best Milk For Consumption
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Brand Positioning

  • Contribution of love, care, and happiness in families
  • People who love to stay healthy, fresh and active
  • Every morning starts with Olper’s their tagline being

Subha bakhair zindagi

  • Olper’s concentration on the emotional aspect in their ads to focus on the core need of customers that can be satisfied.
  • It is complete milk for people of every age.
  • It is called “All-purpose” milk for an entire family.

Best Milk For Consumption
credit: Best Milk For Consumption

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Motivation for Customers

  • Olper’s Ramadan Ads.
  • Different Promotional Campaigns.
  • In addition, attractive Taglines and jingles.
  • Its unique packing color attracts customers spontaneously on shelves differentiating it from its competitors.
  • The brand has been positioned as all-purpose milk that is meant for everyone, especially for those who live life to  the fullest, hence its new tagline,

Jo dil khol kay jeetay hein unheen kay liye hai ye olper’s

  • Opler has added the attributes in the form of the concept of unity and sharing as well as the philosophy of spreading peace in its ad campaigns.
  • Moreover, It creates a sense full of cultures, religions, and social values in Pakistan.

Consumer’s perception

  • Strong perception has been built for consumers of Olper’s via beautiful and emotional ads.
  • The use of lively colors in ads has helped the brand create a positive perception in the customer’s minds.
  • Olper fulfills its promise regarding the feel of its product, packaging, and its quality too.
  • Olper spreads a message of harmony and peace through its ads, creating a positive perception among the people.
  • The introduction of special provincial packaging gives a sense of unity all over the country.


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