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Best Indoor Games To Play In Quarantine

Spending time all day long in the house is not easy. How to spend time when you have nothing to do? There are always certain things which a person can do for avoiding boredom. Do you remember those old days when you used to play indoor games with your siblings? Of course, who doesn’t? This time we are back with our mushwarah on best indoor games to play in quarantine.

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Best Indoor Games To Play:

When you can’t go out and hang out with friends, indoor games are the best escape. Here are the best indoor games which you can play with your loved ones in this quarantine.

1. Chess:

Chess is the best mind game you can play. It requires a lot of critical and logical thinking. You have to foresight the move of your opponent and then take any decision. It’s a two-player board game which you can play with your siblings. Chess has multiple benefits.

  • It can improve your problem-solving skills and increase your IQ.
  • It encourages creativity as you used both sides of your brain.
  • Last and foremost, it helps you to develop your skills in foresightedness and planning.

2. Monopoly:

Monopoly is a board game. It’s a game that can develop a business mindset among people. Minimum 2 people can play this game. You have to roll the dice and draw the cards after that you can purchase different properties and houses. You will collect rent if your opponent stops at your property. The game ends when one of the opponents become bankrupt. Monopoly is a very interesting game therefore it has many benefits:

  • It gives you knowledge of the real-estate business.
  • It teaches you important skills in money management.
  • You will understand different financial matters like cash flow, property ownership, rent management and so on which will enhance your financial and investment knowledge.

3. Ludo:

Ludo is a four players board game. A minimum of 2 people can play this game. It is a game commonly played in almost every house in Pakistan. You have to roll a dice and complete the game by moving all four pawns to the finish. It’s your choice whether you want to play with two dices or one. Ludo itself has many benefits

  • Ludo improves your counting skills.
  • It develops your brain and reduces the chances of mental disease.
  • It improves strategic thinking and probability.

4. Carrom:

Carrom is another board game that is widely played by students and youngsters in Pakistan. It is also a 4 player game and a minimum of 2 players can play this game. The gaming concept behind this game is just like snooker. You have to put maximum carrom pieces in the carrom pocket with the help of striker to win the game. Each carrom piece has a certain point. Queen (a red carrom piece) has the highest point. Carrom also have few benefits

  • It increases your strategic and counting skills.
  • It helps you to exercise your brain

5. Darts:

Darts is a game where players have to throw darts on a circular board on the wall. Each player has 3 darts and whoever has the highest points, wins the game. The dartboard has different points at different locations. The complete set of scores are given below


Darts also have benefits. it

  • Improve mental health and concentration.
  • Helps in enhancing strategic thinking.
  • Improves aiming and also hand & eye coordination.

6. Cards:

Card games include different cards like UNO or standard cards used by magicians. The UNO is a card game specifically played by teenagers. It’s a family game. A minimum of 2 people can play this game and it is played just like other card games. You have a number of cards and you have to draw a card from the deck. Card games are very helpful as

  • Card games enhance your logical thinking.
  • They increase your Concentration and Patience.
  • They help you to control your emotions and cope with losing.

These are the top best indoor games to play in quarantine. give your suggestions and mushwarah in the comment below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Mushwarah.pk.

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