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Best Hand Sanitizers In Pakistan.

Before 2020 hand sanitizers were the most under-rated product in Pakistan. But now, every individual is looking for hand sanitizers. The demand for hand sanitizer is increasing and the price too. What hand sanitizer should I use? If this question often comes in your mind. We are here once again to help you out.

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Top Best Hand Sanitizers In Pakistan:

let’s look into some best hand sanitizers in Pakistan. A free Mushwarah you won’t regret.

1. Purell:

Purell is one of the premium quality hand sanitizer brands from 1988. It comes in different sizes and quantity from 59ml to 240gm. They use 70% of ethyl alcohol in it. It is highly flammable so don’t go near the fire after using this hand sanitizer. it’s ingredients are

Active Ingredients:

  • 70% of ethyl alcohol

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Water (Aqua)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Caprylyl Glycol (Skin conditioning agent)
  • Glycerine
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
  • Acrylates

2. Dettol:

Dettol hand sanitizer is another hand sanitizer that will protect you from many germs. Take a 50 ml bottle of Dettol sanitizer for daily use. It’s a brand that provides anti-bacterial products. Their hand sanitizer can kill 99.99% of germs without water. it includes

Active Ingredients:

  • Denatured Alcohol- 72.34%

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Acrylate
  • Alkyl Acrylate (film-forming/ thickening agent)
  • Cross Polymer (gel agent)
  • Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine (skin firming effect)
  • Perfume

3. Lifebuoy:

Lifebuoy is also an anti-bacterial product brand. Their sanitizer contains 95% ethyl alcohol and kill 99.9% germs in 10 seconds. it is marketed under Unilever’s brand. For making your hand smooth and preventing it from being dry they use Vitamin E and Moisturizers.

Active Ingredients:

  • 95% ethyl alcohol

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Glycerin

4. Safeguard:

Safeguard is a brand marketed by P&G. They also provide disinfected and anti-bacterial products. Safeguard is a very famous brand in Pakistan and loved by youngsters. safeguard hand sanitizer contains 64% Ethanol. Their hand sanitizer contains

Active Ingredients:

  • 64% Ethanol Alcohol

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Carbomer Copolymer Type A
  • Trolamine
  • Glycereth-2 Cocoate
  • GLycerin

5. Cool & Cool:

Cool & Cool is marketed by ABC international limited UAE. They have their market presence in 25 countries. They deal in mother & baby care, skin, and personal care products. Their hand sanitizer comes in different varieties which can kill 99.9 % of germs and includes Active Ingredients:

  • Ethyl alcohol

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Water
  • Carbomer
  • Triethanolamine
  • Isopropyl Myristate
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E
  • Fragrance

6. Wiz:

Wiz with their tag line “Safai Nisf Emaan Ha” is a certified brand in Pakistan and they are dealing in home care, personal, fabric and auto care products. They also claim that their hand sanitizer can kill up to 99.9% of germs without water. Their hand sanitizer contains


  • Carbopol Gel
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • TEA
  • Glycerin
  • Polymer color

These are the top best hand sanitizers in Pakistan that you can consider while purchasing. although there are many other local brand also. What you think about our Mushwarah. Do you use any one of these hand sanitizers? Comment below. We love to hear from you.

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