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Best Budget restaurants in Lahore

Lahore is what we all call the food hub of Pakistan. The only main entertainment in Lahore is food. Living in Lahore since birth I don’t know what I do without good restaurants here. Now as a student we can’t live on fast food all the time. It comes to a point when you feel like fine dining. So here are some restaurants that are affordable from a students’ perspective.


Arcadian Cafe

The first on our list is the Arcadian Cafe. This restaurant has become one of the most popular places to eat in Lahore. With over 4 branches, it can safely be said it is one of the best in town. Moreover, what I really love about this restaurant is that it has a rich cuisine. A wide variety of dishes.

Arcadian Cafe

More importantly, its price point against what it delivers is impeccable. This is the single restaurant I would say is proportional to its pricing versus its the quality and tastes of food.

The best dishes there, in my opinion, are Red Dragon Chicken, Arcadian special, Chicken Chilli Dry and Stanchion Chicken. Just to name a top few. I think with its pricing this restaurant really stands out in comparison to others.

You can find Arcadian Cafe at Emporium Mall, Packages Mall and in Gulberg



Ah, Nandos. I love me some Nandos! If you’re in the mode for some grilled tasty tender


Chicken Nandos is the place for you. But I warn you about the Peri Peri Sause, cause its damn hot! Although Nandos has a limited menu it compensates you in many other ways.

Consistency is key. Nandos for years hasn’t changed its taste and remains the same which is the plus point for Nandos. Nandos is a good fit for students. As they are always coming up with various new deals for students that are cheap and affordable.

Bottomless drinks have been their trademark for years. This can also be an attractive point for people. If you happen to visit Nandos with a couple of your friends I would recommend you try the whole chicken platter with 2 or 4 sidelines. It can be good enough for 2 to 3 persons.


Me Kong

Located in Faisal Town, Me Kong is a Chinese only cuisine restaurant. This a totally new branch that they have opened and their Chinese dishes are really decent. From a price point of view, Me Kong serves well to its customers.

In my experience when I ate there it was good in taste. Not the best but it was alright to say the very least of it. For those of you who want good dine-in Chinese food and you’re on a budget do try out Me kong.

I’m sure it is not as half as good as Yums, but for the price range, I would consider it to be best in that category.


Haveli Restaurant

If you haven’t tried Haveli in the new food street Lahore then you’re missing something big. A bit steep on the pricing but it will be worth your while. Additionally, the ambiance is just excellent. It is right beside the beautiful Bahadsahi Masjid. One of the few alluring rich heritage of Pakistan.

Most people go for the view and its delicious Karai. By the way, a great place to have your Sehri in Ramadan as well.

Haveli Restaurant


The Hotspot

One of the best places to have dessert while having a good handful of dishes at their side. It

is mainly famous for their desserts but their other dishes won’t disappoint you at all. In under  Rs 1000, you can get a really tasty dessert or one of their dishes like pasta or grilled burgers.

The atmosphere is really groovy. With all kinds of movie props and souvenirs. A great place to hand out with friends and even family at the weekends.


Maro Tandoor

Technically, Maro tandoor cannot be categorized as a restaurant but my list would be incomplete without it. For snacking up this is a great place and it is cheap too. They specialize in stuffed Naans.

My favorites are the Nutella Naan and the Pizza Naan. Both costs under Rs 500/- which is a hell of a deal. It is a great combo for me and filling too. I would highly recommend you all to try it out if you haven’t. Although it has been quite some time now since it has been running. 

Maro Tandoor


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