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Best BBQ in Lahore

Food especially meat cooked on the burning coal can be defined as a barbeque or simply BBQ. There are a number of BBQ shops in Lahore, but few of them serve with outstanding taste and presentation. Here we will be discussing the best BBQ in Lahore along with their menu, however, the prices may vary but you can have an idea.

Baba Jamal din Tikka shop

One of the best BBQ shop located just behind the famous Mall of Lahore in Cantt. The seating is outside in the open air. Eating BBQ outside is really cool experience. You must try this as it is one of the best in Lahore. The prices may have changed a little but you can have an idea from the picture below.

Heera Chargha

Heera Chargha is located at the famous temple road. Although they are famous for their chargha you must try their Barbeque. It is located at one of the most populous markets of Lahore and is on that location for more than a decade. You must also try their Sajji, as it is one of the famous in Lahore

Foji Tikka

Foji Tikka is located in Ghaziabad just behind PAF Colony located on the Zarar Shaheed Road. The seating plan is again located outside, but the taste of the tikkas are the best. You must try this BBQ once in your lifetime. Malai Tikka is there the most selling product. The waiter may rush in front of your car to take the order and you can have fun with your family within the car while eating. The price is not too high, however, the quality of taste is not compromised.

Source: Foji Tikka/Facebook

Zikar Tikka

Zakir Tikka is a chain of BBQ located at multiple places. You can find it in Cantt, EME Society and in Mini Market. The taste is quite good and the prices are also not too high


The famous Sultani tikka is located at Mian Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg. The taste is amazing you will surely lick your fingers once you eat Malai Tikka from there.

Source: Sultani / Facebook

Bhatti Tikka House

Bhatti Tikka house is located opposite to Chashni at Jail Road. They are expert in BBQ. You must enjoy this in cool Mausam. The combination of Tikka and Weather will add more taste to your food.

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Payara Chargha

This Chargha house is also located in the most populous market called Temple road. Their taste and presentations are the best in Lahore. You must try their Malai and Tikka boti. Moreover, the price is also reasonable. Lahori’s also referred to it as PC.

Source: Youtube

Dervish -The Food Souq

This exotic restaurant is located on the Barki Road just near Paragon Society. The seating plan is nicely arranged outside in open-air. The prices are although high but it is one of the best places to eat bbq with your family.

The menu of Dervish is as follows

Source: hungerist.com

You must try the aforementioned BBQ once in your lives. In case if you find more exciting BBQs do tell us in our comment section.

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