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KIA SPORTAGE, Worth A buy?

Since it’s launch last year I have been really drawn to KIA Sportage as it is the complete package. Back in the 2000s, KIA introduced various cars in Pakistan some were a big success some a complete and utter failure.

Well this time around KIA really has adapted to the international norms of a car and with a pure jolt came with the Sportage which is just amazing.

It has a 2.0-liter engine fully automatic which is better than the corolla and civic. But due to the engine not being CVT like a corolla, the gear transmission can be felt at times wear as in corolla it’s all done smoothly.


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Options in the Industry

In Pakistan, there is just Toyota that makes SUVs. They are known worldwide for their Land Cruiser, Prado and Hilux. Unfortunately, only the Hilux is available in Pakistan all their other SUVs are imported which makes extremely expensive.

The Toyota Fortuner which they launched as a luxury SUV in Pakistan back in 2012 has had a really high success rate but only for its second-generation model. I’m really fond of that car. But since the rise of inflation in our country the Fortuner has gotten roundabout 1 crore PKR. Which is an insane amount of money for an SUV.

Then KIA came with their Sportage and things are looking good. So in the coming years, I think people will really start to appreciate the Sportage as it is the total package.


Competitive Pricing

Here is where things get really interesting. KIA has introduced the Sportage at really cutthroat pricing which in this economy amazes me.

The Sportage is around 52 Lacs in that price range you’ll get a diesel induced Hilux which is, to be honest, not worth that much money.

The Fortuner a year back was around 78 Lacs fully optional with the normal petrol variant being at 72 Lacs both of them now today have increased in pricing drastically. So you get the gist of it. Sportage has the most competitive pricing of a car in Pakistan currently


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Features & USP

  • So where should I start off with? Right off the bat, I want to mention that it has a push start feature as well as cruise control. Consisting of a fully functional multimedia steering that has a good hold to it. With the cruise-Tronic control elegantly placed in the steering.

    KIA SPORTAGE, Worth A buy?
    Credits: coughlinkia.com


  • It has dual climate control which means that the driver can set the air conditioning to his liking and the passager can set on his own terms. I’m happy to say that the climate control is digital, not analog.


  • I would say that one of its unique selling points would be the panoramic roof. This is the first Pakistani assembled car that has a panoramic sunroof. And man the feels to that roof is just amazing.


KIA SPORTAGE, Worth A buy?
Credits: thekeea.com


  • It has an assistive parking camera that is really helpful. This is coming from a person who has become heavily dependent on the back camera. For me personally, I feel the back camera has been one of the best inventions in the automobile industry.


  •  Both front seats are electronically powered. Goodbye to the old school analog seat settings. Note that this feature is only in the all-wheel-drive (AWD) not the two-wheel drive. The lumbar support and cushioning of the seats in this car are way better than any other car in Pakistan’s automobile industry.


KIA SPORTAGE, Worth A buy?
Credits: apnimotor.com


Final Verdict

This car has all the traits of the corolla and civic combined plus more. This car is what you call a new frontier for the Pakistani Automobile industry as it is significantly better than honda and Toyota. With KIA giving 4 years warranty it should be safe and all.

However, what I’m afraid of is the price retention of the car as corolla and civic have a really good value and do very well in terms of depreciation. Hence, this is a matter that only time will tell. What will be expected from their after-sales department?

All in all its a really good car and if you’re someone who is going for civic or corolla which around 40 Lacs then I would suggest you wait and save. Get yourself a more premium feel superior car.






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