Rohingya people are just like us, they are human too but they are being treated inhumanely. It is the duty of the state to provide its citizens with social security, and human rights but what if a population of one million is not given any citizenship? We all are aware of British Raj and the struggles many ethnicities made to get rid of that cruel rule. That British Raj is gone many years ago but there are people who are still suffering due to that rule. Above all, Rohingya people are Muslims and Muslim states are acting as sleeping dogs.


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rohingya muslims

Who are Rohingya People?

They are Muslim by religion and Rohingya by ethnicity. They migrated to this region in 14 century but later in 18 century, Britishers conquered the area. Just like people of sub-continent spent a miserable life during British Raj, Rohingya People also faced the same issues. Time passed and when Britishers needed help in World War 2, they expected the people of sub-continent and Rohingya people to help them. The people of sub-continent and Rohingya people agreed to help Britishers to get independence in return. The people of sub-continent were clever enough to get what they demanded but Rohingya people were naive. They strived to support Britishers in World War 2 but did not get what they asked for- Independence. Pakistan and India got independence in 1947 but Burma got independence in 1948. I said Burma got independence/ recognition, not the Rohingya people.

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rohingya muslims

Later in 1960, Burma targeted these Rohingya people and killed many of them. The Rohingya people lived in Burma for decades but were not given citizenship in 1982 Constitution-the constitution which included 135 ethnicities but not Rohingya.


rohingya muslims

They are being compelled to leave their homeland instead of getting rights to stay happily. Most of them are settled on the western coast of Myanmar (Burma). As Myanmar is Buddhist majority state, so it did not accept Rohingya (Muslims) as a minority. According to the UN, ‘Rohingya is the most persecuted minority in the world’.

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rohingya muslims

Homeless yet Hopeful Rohingya People:

To cut a long story short, Rohingya People were willingly victimized in ‘Operation King Dragon’ and ‘Operation Clean and Beautiful Nation’. They are considered stateless and so are not given any rights. The Rohingya People are not given educational facilities, health facilities, but a few survival facilities. Addition to this, they cannot even marry without the permission of the state. For the purpose, the couple needs to submit the pictures; husband’s picture with a clean shave and wife’s picture without a headscarf. It is not according to the Islamic laws, so Rohingya people suffer here too and stay reluctant to even register their marriage.


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I wonder that Pakistan is an independent Muslim state running under Islamic Laws. Here, media is playing a vital role to educate females that headscarf and Dupatta are hiding their beauty. Well! A big round of applause for ones who are preaching this and the ones who are following that teaching. Ultimately, we are now witnessing rainbow movement too with the blessings of the so-called feminist movement. There is a huge gap between the norms and values of both the humans being said Muslims.

There are strict laws for Rohingya people to control birth and marriages. A few towns are allowed to have two children.


rohingya muslims

Should Rohingya People Migrate Elsewhere?

Rohingya people should migrate to safer land where they get social, cultural and most important religious security. For the purpose, they should have migrated to Muslim states. Muslim states are located next to Myanmar but Rohingya people need to cover the huge distance by boats. It would be great if international organizations help them to reach their destinations. Let’s see if Rohingya people have tried this or not.

In 2017, Rohingya people attacked the Myanmar army. Many Rohingya People remained successful to flee to Bangladesh and other Muslim states including Indonesia and Malaysia. The remaining had no option to just resist and face miserable outcomes. Many men were killed and numerous women were gang-raped. Did you remember that Azadi Train reached the Lahore station with the same situation in 1947? Pakistan has witnessed such events or should I say, we the Muslims.

Rohingya People who survived somehow to reach other states still are facing several issues. Above all, they are still identity-less.

rohingya muslims

International organizations are powerful enough to change the fate of the oppressed people then why Rohingya people’s fate is still unchanged? A bitter truth is that the US is the main donor of these international organizations and the US is working to destabilize the Muslim nation. So, the international organizations are working for Rohingya people but not making exceptional efforts to help those homeless people. These Rohingya refugees are given land to settle their camps but still, they are not safe there. According to UNHCR, ‘200,000 Rohingya refugees are at risk during monsoon season, which can create landslides and floods in the camp.’

rohingya muslims


The questions still remain the same and I don’t know how long they will keep on revolving; who are Rohingya People? Aren’t Rohingya People, our People? Should Rohingya People migrate elsewhere?

rohingya muslims

Let’s admit some realities! Firstly, Rohingya People are Muslims and the Muslims states cannot take stand for their Muslim brothers. Secondly, even if Rohingya people are in our state, they will remain Rohingya Refugees- Identity-less. Thirdly, it’s the interest of the states upon which states work and Rohingya crisis is not the interest of this time.





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